This DVD contains Season 8 of "SpongeTwins".

Disc 1:

141:A New Beginning:The guys come back for more seasons!

142:2011,here we come!:Sequel to "New Years To Come"(episode 138)

143:TGames:Third Day Of Business:The 4 try to get TGames back,but they end up getting sued!

144:Dance Party!:The guys have a dance party!

145:Beeeeeeee...:Patty Takes Medical School(uh-oh).How will it turn out?

146:No New News:The Starfishes try to make the news more "fun" because they think its boring.But they just end up ruining it!

147:Morphed?:SpongeBob plays with Sandy's mollecular-seperater ray(from "Squidbob Tentaclepants")and morph SpongeBob and Bob together.Since that incident Sandy locked it up,But they want to be separate again!Can they reverse it?

148:Dairy Of A Spongey Kid:Bob writes a diary but trusts the Starfishes to keep it unready.Its self-explanitory from here.

149:Basketball Buddies:The 4 play basketball,but there too short!

150:Halfway Through:The guys are on their 150th episode

Disc 2:

151:Healthy Living:Patty realizes how fat he is(especially since he's named after a burger),so he tries to eat better,which makes Patrick join in!after a while,they start to become thin,but the sponges don't like it,so they try to get them back!

152:OMG!:Bob gets addicted to the internet!Will the other 3 force him to get off!

153:2x The So Called "Fun":Squidwards twin,Squiddy,visits again.But then he see's Bob and Patty!But then he wants to leave!But the 4 wont let Squiddy leave!

154:Secrets Revealed!:Spongbob and Patrick finally realize why everyone from Ukelele Bottom's coming to Bikini Bottom,Planktons twin,Planky,has finally stole the recepie and has taken over!

155:Stupid Karma:Ever finding out the fact(they were evesdroppoing),Bob told everyone in Ukelele Bottom to come in Bikini Bottom.That's what everyone does,but is twice the residents(they're the same as the first half,anyway)all that's cracked up to be?

156:Journey To The Other Side Of The Ocean(1 Hour Special):The 4 challenge each other to race around the world!

157:Dance Pants Revolution 3!:A master at DDR challenges the sponges!But when he's beat,he acts like a total loser and quits DDR(kinda like that icarly episode)!Can the guys cheer him up?

158:Sponge It Up:(Parody of Shake It Up)

159:Fan Wiki:The guys notice their on a fan wiki instead of a real show,so they try to bust out!

160:The big 1-6...Plus a 0:The guys do random stuff to entertain you.

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