This DVD contains contains the TV Movies in "SpongeTwins".

The Net Stealer:Someone stole the brand-new ultra mega net! Can the 4 get it back?

The Trip to LA:The gang goes to LA!But when they can't handle being famous anymore, ITS TOO LATE! Can they leave before "bad things" happen?

Halo Reach Spectacular!:the 4 want halo reach but Mr. Krabs hardly pays them,and refuses to pay them more!So they open a video game shop named "TGames".Will they get enough money to get halo reach?

Bob at the greatest house in the world! (Musical): Self-Explanitory

Halo Hacker:SpongeBob and Bob hack Halo reach. But Bungie Cant suspend him! Or can he...? Will he?

Atlantis Again:They visit Atlantis. Will it turn out?

Bob the musical: Self-explanitory

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