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This DVD contains episodes from "SpongeTwins".

Disc 1:

The visit: Bob and Patty visit Bikini Bottom

SpongeTriplets: SpongeBob's real twin brother, Jake comes to visit, and he gets all the attention instead of Bob! Bob is very angry and tries to get Jake out of town.

SpongeTriplets 2:Jake's back,now with ANOTHER starfish named Tap.Will they be keeped,or is just too full?

Cloned!: SpongeBob and bob get cloned by Sandy s crazy they're everywhere causing mayhem!

Stanley Trouble:Stanley comes over and sends Bob and Patty out cold!Will they revive?

Twins, Twins and More Twins: Everyone who has a twin brother/ sister that lives in the sea comes to Bikini Bottom, including more sponges and starfish! Can Bob, Patty, SpongeBob, Patrick, Jake and Tap get somewhere that isn't so crowded?

Episodes made by:

Twins,Twins,and More Twins Written by JellyfishJam38

Everything else Written by Faves3000

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