Sponge Guy is an animated TV series starring SpongeBob and Sandy with their new family of sponges and squirrels.


  • SpongeBob SquarePants- Sandy's husband, sometimes hangs out with his close friend Patrick Star.
  • Sandy Cheeks- SpongeBob's wife,
  • Squilly SquarePants- SpongeBob and Sandy's second born son.
  • Squaddy SquarePants- SpongeBob and Sandy's first born daughter. Mostly people do not give her attention.
  • Patrick Star- SpongeBob's close friend.
  • Pearl Krabs- Close friend of Sandy Cheeks.
  • Gary the Snail the III- A talking snail. Pet of SpongeBob.


Season 1

  • Pilot
  • The Hike
  • Electric Fun
  • King Spongenkhamun
  • SpongeBob's New Son
  • Parental Appearance is Not Guidance
  • Squaddy's Date
  • Pwned Guy

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