Sponge Restaurant is a spin-off created by Dionnefamily. SpongeBob opens a restaurant in Bikini Bottom, and silly things happen often! Ask to be a worker via Dionnefamily's talk page. Please note the rules. They are:

1: No deleting episodes except me. If you do,you will be told not to do it again on your talk page.

2: No making characters unless I say so. This shall result on a comment not to do it again on your talk page. Doing it multiple times results in being fired from the show.

3: NO violence in the show, including death and blood. This will immediately result in being fired forever. Those are the rules.

Season 1

The Sponge Restaurant - SpongeBob earns millions of dollars and opens his own restaurant! He tries and tries to hire people,but no one is interested.

Sea Bear Attack! - Being more in the wilderness, Sponge Restaurant is attacked by Sea Bears!

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