This story is about SpongeBob's Teen Life/Adut Life ....The NEW WAY!

Like SpongeBob's Real Live:Behind The Scenes it is in the productionBoy

Note : The maker of SpongeBob's Real Live:Behind The Scenes is my best friend in school!

Characters :

SpongeBob : Is 16-years-old owns a super fast boat

has two girlfriends Pearl and Sandy.

Has average size of mussles and does not work but eats at the Krusty Krab

First Appearance : Episode 1

SpongeBob's New Life : And Real Life


Season Airdate
Season 1 : May 6 ,2010-Present

Season 2 : TBA
Production Company
Mysterio Boy
SpongeBob,Sandy,Pearl,Patrick,Larry,Mr. Krabs,Mrs. Puff,SquidWard,Squidlam
One of Mysterio Boy(s)
No. of Episodes
Season 1 : 3(aired) 14

Season 2 : 0(aired) 20

Sandy : Is 15-years-old

Is one of SpongeBob's Girlfriend

Has no idea who Pearl is

First Appearance : Episode 2

Pearl : Is 13-years-old

Is one of Sponebob's Girlfriends

Has no idea who Sandy is

She is so smart that she skipped to grades to go to SpongeBob's Grade

First Appearance : Episode 2

Patrick : Is 17-years-old

Is SpongeBob's best friend

Is the only teenage character that is not in High (NOT!)

Was held back for one year

First Appearance : Episode 1

SquidWard and Squidlim :

Squidlim is SquidWards twin brother both are 17-years-old

Both hate everybody but there twin brother and themself.

Both play claranet Both are weak

First Appearance : Episode 2

Larry : Is 18-years-old

Owns the Krusty crab

Was held back for two years

First Appearance : Episode 2

Mr. Krabs and rest of main characters appear till Season Two


Season One

Episode One : P.E. School!

"Hey Sponebob whats 2+2" said Patrick

SpongeBob : Partrick Collige is in 2 years and you dont know 2+2 HOW DID YOU GET INTO THE FIRST GRADE!

Patrick : I told him I have a "get to college pass"

SpongeBob : Huh Uncle farry should have done that.He was held back for many years that by the time he was 100 he made it to the first grade

SpongeBob : Well who needs to be smart when your one of the strongest men in Bikini Top!

Partick : I am?

SpongeBob : No...I am! (flexes)

Patrick : How did you get so strong

SpongeBob : I went to P.E. School and it worked.

Partrick : You went to a school were you pee on E's!


SpongeBob brings Patrick to P.E. School but Patrick does Bad and in the end eventully gets really strong

Episode Two : Testing in Highschool

Larry : What are you doing SpongeBob

SpongeBob : Studying

Larry : I dont study (Starts to laugh). SpongeBob : Maybe thats why you got held back for 2 years?. Larry glared at SpongeBob.

SpongeBob : There is a test today you dope. Larry glares at SpongeBob again

The test was in 50 seconds. Pearl : (Talking to SpongeBob)sorry we aren't both in Algebra. Pearl walks to her Algebra class. The test was on

Squidlim : This is fun.

SquidWard : Yeh.

SpongeBob : No it aint

SquidWard : Its sarcasam you dope.

SpongeBob : You wanna be beaten up.

SquidWard : No thank you

Sandy : If I pass Texas here I come.

Larry : Oh no I forgot to study!

Patrick : Uhhhhhhh what does that say.

The test was over. Here are the scores :

Sandy : A++ (As usual)

SpongeBob : B -

Patrick : U (As U-sual get U-sual he got a U and...never mind)

SquidWard : B+

Squidlim : B+ (There twins they do everything together!)

Larry : Z- (So bad he could not even have got a U-!)

Teacher : Finnaly someone got a lower grade than Patrick (Stares at Larry)

Larry :What! I studyed hard

SpongeBob : NO! You didn't study at all

Episode Three : It's Time For Gym

SpongeBob : I'm ready gymcation!gymcation!gymcation!

Patrick : Ok SpongeBob I'm going to school bye!

SpongeBob : Patrick its a Staturday I'm going to gym to to work out

Partrick : I thought you go to P.E. Shcool. You know the one were you pee on E's.

SpongeBob : 1. Thats onlyat lunch time and 2.FOR THE 1,000000000000000000000000000000 the stands for PHYSICAL EDUCATION!

Patrick : What ever I'm going to school

SpongeBob : I'm done explaining.

SpongeBob goes to gym and comes back with super strong abs

Patrick : Hey SpongeBob I went to school and its closed what happend

Sponebob : Get lost Patrick

Partick : Kay-Kay