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Sponge Gourmet

After SpongeBob quits his job, he decides to make his own restaurant with his buddies. The series mainly focuses on SpongeBob and Squidward with their new restaurant.


SpongeBob: A sponge who quits his job and gets a new restaurant (voiced by Tom Kenny)

Squidward: A squid that likes to play the clarinet and likes fine dining

Patrick: A starfish with no intelligence who gets a job at the Sponge Gourmet.

Sandy: A squirrel that works at the Sponge Gourmet.

Peach: A dolphin that has never appeared on SpongeBob. She works at Sponge Gourmet. Also, clueless and quirky.

Cleo: An Octupus that lives life with only 7 tentacles. He lost the tentacle in a surfing accidet.

Leo: An Octupus with the brains. He is however very sketchy.

Natalya: An USSR agent in Bikini Bottom. She is very smart and tries to get a job at the Sponge Gourmet.

Cryptospridium: A alien who's grabs DNA and also works at the Sponge Gourment.

Roger Rabbit: A rabbit that always do stuff that makes the people laughs.

Amy Rose: A hedgeong who is very smart. She don't like Natalya a lot.

Season 1

This Season consists of 22 episodes. It is rated TV-PG. It starts September 10, 2011.

Season 1, Episode 1, September 10, 2011 "Pilot"

On SpongeBob and Squidward's low salary, they lose there houses. They ask for a raise and their boss, Mr. Krabs, says no. They decide to quit and make their own restaurant. They have an interview session, and they hire three people: Patrick Star, Sandy Cheeks, and Peach.

Season 1, Episode 2, September 17, 2011 "Real Estate"

SpongeBob realizes he needs a place to have his business, so the workers all try to find a new place, but there might be an issue with the real estate agent from Opposite Day.

Season 1, Episode 3, September 24, 2011 "Grand Opening"

The restaurant has their grand opening, but no one shows up. Squidward decides to throw in the towel, but no one else gives up.

Season 1, Episode 4, October 1, 2011 "Fry Cook Games"

It is the 25th annual Fry Cook Games and they want to be the first rookie franchise to win the games. It seems like it was going great till Squidward burned the whole stadium down. Will they win?

Season 1, Episode 5, October 8, 2011 " Second Restaurant"

Since their first restaurant is a success, they decide to make a new one on Goo Lagoon, but Larry The Lobster made too many changes.

Season 1, Episode 6, October 29, 2011 " Halloween"

In the Halloween special, they have a Halloween party, but the decorations come to life and eat them, but it's just a hallucination.

Season 1 Episode 7, November 5, 2011 "Krabby O' Mondays"

As a Krabby O' Mondays opens up right next to the Sponge Gourmet, it slows their work down, so they buy the place to get better income.

Season 1, Episode 8, November 19, 2011 " Basement"

There is a new club at Patrick's basement that he starts is becoming more popular than the Sponge Gourmet.

Season 1, Episode 9, December 3, 2011 "Plankton Retires"

Plankton, who is now competing with many restaurants, chooses to retire. After a deal has been made, he starts to work for the Sponge Gourmet, but all he really wants is to steal the recipe.

Season 1, Episode 10, December 10, 2011 "Forgetting Krabby Patty"

On a busy day at the Sponge Gourmet, SpongeBob is so piled up with orders, he forget the recipe. Will he remember it?

Season 1, Episode 11, December 17, 2011 "Christmas"

It's Christmas, and the whole town is getting excited, but the Sponge Gourmet is stuck on what they should do for Christmas.

Season 1, Episode 12, January 7, 2012 "Carnival"

With the restaurant being fantastic SpongeBob say we shall have a break, so they all go to the carnival. It turns out Peach works there and the have to rely on he with there life on the Firey-Fist of Pain and it turns out they get stuck on the tippity top.

Season 1 Episode 13 January 14, 2012 "Snow Storm"

A huge snow storm hits the town which causes Sandy to hibernate. SpongeBob thought it would be funny to show the workers besides Patrick because he already seen what happens when Sandy is Hibernating. SpongeBob forget how dangerous it was and it all most gets them killed, meanwhile Patrick is charge of the Sponge Gormay and starts talking to this Snow Boarder that he met from college and decide to go snowboarding.

Season 1 Episode 14 January 21, 2012 "Moving"

With there houses being so far away the gang besides to sell them and buy new ones, but once they sell they have trouble finding new ones. Will they get new homes?

Season 1 Episode 15 January 28, 2012 "Vacation

SpongeBob decides he need a vacation so he goes to Shellywood without telling anybody. The Worker wondering where SpongeBob is decide to run the place on there own, meanwhile in Shellywood SpongeBob get an acting role.

Season 1 Episode 16 February 4, 2012 "Superbowl"

They workers want to have they day off because of the Superbowl so SpongeBob lets them ,but the town goes mad because they want to watch the game at the Sponge Gormay.

Season 1 Episode 17 February 18, 2012 "Sickness"

A sickness spreads through the Sponge Gormay and shuts down for a few weeks so the Krusty Krab get better.

Season 1 Episode 18 February 25, 2012 "Gary The Mascot"

Gary becomes the Sponge Gormay's mascot so people start calling him Sponge. Gary is offended so he quits.

Season 1 Episode 19 March 3, 2012 "Movie Night"

The Gormay decides to have a movie night ,but Patrick and Peach have been picking the worst movies so they decide to make there own movie. Will It be the next Avatar?

Season 1 Episode 20 March 24, 2012 "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy Number Whatever"

The Sponge Gormay needs security guards so they hire there favorite super heroes ,but with them sleeping on the job and the place getting robbed twice SpongeBob lets them go, meanwhile Patrick tells Sandy about his feeling for Peach.

Season 1 Episode 21 March 31, 2012 "5k"

The work place is asked to run a 5k ,but Patrick doesn't want to because he had a bad memory about a 5k race. Peach calls him a wimp and he decides to run. At the end he wins and Peach decides to go out with him.

Season 1 Episode 22 April 7, 2012 "Back to Larry"

The Restaurant on the Goo Lagoon is opening and since it's at the beach and it's summer more people are going there so The Sponge Gormay decides to work at the other Sponge Gormay just for the summer.

Season 2 This Season Consists of 22 Episodes and is rated Tv-PG

Season 2 Episode 23 September 15, 2012 " 1 Year anniversery "

The Sponge Gormay celebrates being open for 1 year and SpongeBob decides to change the name, meanwhile Patrick is wondering where he should take Peach for a first date.

Season 2 Episode 24 September 22, 2012 " Everybody hates SpongeBob

The workers a upset at SpongeBob for being late to work so he says maybe you guys should be in charge. Will they run the Restaurant.

Season 2 Episode 25 September 29, 2012 "Pool"

SpongeBob decides to buy a pool for the Restaurant ,but it's to cold.

Season 2 Episode 26 October 6, 2012 "Talent"

SpongeBob decides to use Squidwards talent for the Restaurant, but Ned and the needlefish show up and want Squidward to be in there band.

Season 2 Episode 27 November 3, 2012 "New Name"

Everybody has voted and the new name of the restaurant is The Restaurant. People don't like the name so SpongeBob asks why they voted for it and it turns out Patrick accidentaly place 4 million votes for the name so at the end the change the name back to the Sponge Gormay.

Season 2 Episode 28 December 1, 2012 "Fry Cook Games II"

Everyone Argues on who should be the starting fry cooker for the fry cook games so the decided to take a vote and everyone votes for the self SpongeBob ends up being the starter and he win and brings them to district fry cook games.

Season 2 Episode 29 December 8, 2012 "Districts"

With SpongeBob's win the Workers think that SpongeBob can do it all so they star him for all compitions so he quits can they win with out him?

Season 2 Episode 30 December 15, 2012 "Grease"

With a month off of the fry cook games the Sponge Gormay decides to have and episode of Seaseme Street filmed in the restaurant ,but it turn out there just saying the food is bad for you so they bribe Bigbird to shoot the episode at the Krusty Krab.

Note: this was and episode that thanked Barack Obama for giving them funding to keep educating kids.

Season 2 Episode 31 December 22, 2012 "The Grinch Who Stole The Sponge Gormay"

It's Christmas and the Sponge Gormay hires Santa to ask what kids want for christmas when the day is over the Sponge Gormay get's trapped in the grinches layer will they escape in enough time to get the presents to all the children on christmas eve.

Season 2 Episode 32 February 9, 2013 "Oceans"

The worker are getting ready for Oceans for the fry cook games they struggle in the begining but will it be Peach who saves the day.

Season 2 Episode 33 February 16, 2013 "Photo Day"

It's Photo day at the Sponge Gormay ,but the workers can't get a good photo. The photo get's a ton of views on the internet, but the question is, who put it on the internet?

Note: After this Episode a 3rd season was renewed this was the most veiwed show with 16.4 million people seeing it on the orignal brodcast.

Season 2 Episode 34 February 23, 2013 "Champonship"

It's the fry cook games and all the worker seem pretty nervous when the find out there playing the Krusty Krab since there so nervous the Krusty Krab crushes them so people stop going to the Sponge Gormay.

Season 2 Episode 35 March 2, 2013 "Squidwards Blog"

Squidward starts writing a log about the Sponge Gormay so it will attract customers ,but only four people are reading it those four people are the workers so Patrick Peach and Sandy decide to spice it up meanwhile SpongeBob and Squidward try to make a new patty.

Season 2 Episode 36 March 23, 2013 "Arcade"

SpongeBob feels the Restaurant is attracting enough young people so he decides to have and arcade in the back of the Restaurant which he leaves Patrick in charge which turn in two chaos.

Season 2 Episode 37 March 30, 2013 "Sleep Over"

Patrick tells SpongeBob it's been about a year in a half since there last sleepover so he decides to have one with SpongeBob ,but SpongeBob does not want Squidward to feel left out so he invites him, meanwhile Sandy decides to have a sleepover in her new dome ,but Peach feels chaustrophobic.

Season 2 Episode 38 April 6, 2013 "Hotel Vs. Airport"

SpongeBob doesn't know if he should have his 3rd Restaurant in a hotel or airport so he lets the worker decide on where it should be all the workers are stuck when SpongeBob is in the new warm spring.

Season 2 Episode 39 April 13, 2013 "Sunday"

When the Restaurant is closed on Sunday the gang has nothing to do so they decide to watch a movie ,but when the do the can't get seats toghther and one bye one the get kicked out.

Season 2 Episode 40 April 20, 2013 "Earth Squid"

SpongeBob see's the strangler littering so he makes Squidward take care of it .Squidward ends up getting strangled and he gets sent to the hospital.

Season 2 Episode 41 April 27, 2013 "Hospital"

The worker visit Squidward in the hospital and find out that he thinks his nurse is trying to kill him so the try to get Squiward to escape to weenie hut jr. ,meanwhile Patrick goes to the cafiteria and say to the owners to raise there prices.

Season 2 Episode 42 May 3, 2013 "Sue"

Squidward says he doesn't want to sue theSponge Gormay ,but Peach's none awareness convinces him to.

Season 2 Epiosde 43 May 10, 2013 "Court "

Squidward sues and his lawyer is non other than Mr.Krabs. SpongeBob does bad in court, and the judge fines SpongeBob's previous felonies and they decide to lock him up in jail.

Season 2 Epsiode 44 May 17, 2013 "Locked Up"

With SpongeBob locked up Sandy's The new boss, and she fires Peach due to her poor quality. Now down two workers Sandy post job applications.Note: At the end of the show SpongeBob makes his only appearence and he asks the audience what two out of these 5 people should become regulars on the show next year Selena Gomez, Jerry Trainor, Miranda Cosgrove, Mitchell Musso, Keke Palmer.

Season 3

Season 3 Episode 45 September 20, 2013

It's the first day looking at new people for the job out of many bad people they find two twin Octupie. Meanwhile SpongeBob is having trouble transtion to jail.

Season 3 Epiosde 46 September 27, 2013

SpongeBob catches up with Plankton in jail and see where he as been around for the lasts 3 years. Meanwhile the Octupie are doing a great job being frycooks.

Season 3 Episode 47 October 4, 2013

The Octupie got a challenge by fry cook great Jim on his reality Tv show Jim.Meanwhile it's visiting in day in jail and Squidward apoligizes to SpongeBob about the situaion and decides to bail him out of jail.

Season 3 Episode 48 October 11, 2013

With SpongeBob out of jail, And The Octupie showing great work. There Restraurant ranks as the greatest in the sea and everbody gets excited.

Season 3 Episode 49 October 18, 2013

SpongeBob, and The Octipie are the best in the sea and Patrick gets jealous so he quits. SpongeBob feels bad so he decieds to transfer The octupie to the Goo Lagoon Restaurant.

Season 3 Episode 50 October 25, 2013

It is the first day of the FRY COOK GAMES and SpongeBob and the Octipie runite, Patrick and Sandy try to train to get in the spotlight.

Season 3 Episode 51 November 1, 2013

SpongeBob feels that him and his buddies should have a night out meanwhile Sandy tries to recoonect with Peach. Season 3 Episode 52 November 8, 2013

With Peach on the streets SpongeBob tries to get her, her job back and does so for the Goo lagoon.

Season 3 Episode 53 November 15, 2013

When SpongeBob gets in a fight he acts tough which makes Sandy jealous so she challenges him in a brawl.

Season 3 Episode 54 November 22, 2013

SpongeBob, and Patrick host Thanksgiving and it all goes wrong when Peach hears false information.

Season 3 Episode 55 November 29, 2013

Patrick and SpongeBob show there interest in jellyfishing to the Octupie, but then are anti jellyfishers, meanwhile Sandy, and Peach talk about Patrick.

Season 3 Episode 56 December 6, 2013

When Sandy's rival from High School shows up at the Sponge Gormay as a food critic, Sandy can't handle it so she food poison's her.

Season 3 Episode 57 December 13, 2013

When Patrick has to put in a crown on his tooth, and the Spongegormay doesn't cover the bill he decides he shall find the perfect health insurance.

Season 3 Episode 58 December 20, 2013

SpongeBob decides to have a classy Chistmas party at his house ,meanwhile the Octupie snail show interest in Gary.

Season 3 Episode 59 Febuary 28, 2014

SpongeBob realizes that the Sponge Gormay doesn't have a good winter buisness and it's getting expensive to heat so he decides to buy a ski area down the road while Natalya gets a job.

Note: This is the first appearence of Natalya, and Cryptosopridium.

Season 3 Episode 60 March 7, 2014

SpongeBob decides to go skiing at his new place ,but he doesn't know how meanwhile Sandy teaches Peach and Natalya how to ski.

Season 3 Episode 61 March 14, 2014

SpongeBob learns that Patrick has a gambling promblem and that he lost over $4,000 in March Madness.

Season 3 Epiosde 62 March 21, 2014

It's the Octupie's birthday and SpongeBob doesn't know what to give them so he decided they should choose meanwhile Sandy and Peach go to find a guy.

Season 3 Episode 63 March 28, 2014

SpongeBob has a meeting with the CEO of the olympics and the try to get the olympics there SpongeBob fails and he looses his confidence.

Season 3 Episode 64 April 4, 2014

The Gang tries to find SpongeBob's Confidence so they set him up on a date with Sandy.

Season 3 Episode 65 April 18, 2014

In the mail the Sponge Gormay gets a death threat SpongeBob doesn't take it for granted but Sandy read the hand wrting on the note and it's Sheldon J. Planktons hand writing the Sponge Gormay decideds to make an attack plan.

Season 3 Episode 66 April 25, 2014

Sponebob and the workers invade the Chum Bucket and hack into Plantkton's wife ,and found out he passed away and they find out Mr. Krabs is planing to kill them.

Season 4

On July 4, it was announced that this would be the final season Squidward returns for the final 6 episodes

Season 4 Episode 67 September 19, 2014

SpongeBob calls the cop and the Sponge Gormay is filled with police Patrick and Peach feel unsecure in the evoirment there in.

Season 4 Episode 68 September 26, 2014

One of the cops flirts on Sandy so SpongeBob shoots him!

Season 4 Episode 69 October 3, 2014

SpongeBob goes back to prison and Sandy quits at the Sponge Gormay Patrick feels it's best to close down the Sponge Gormay for the time being.

Season 4 Epsiode 70 October 10, 2014

Patrikc invites his friends to watch an FBI most wanted episode about Mr. Krabs and they find out he got killed in a bar fight with Plankton.

Season 4 Episode 71 October 17, 2014

With SpongeBob in jail he gets to know the cop he shoots, and it turn out he was once a fry cook then he got a cop job. Learning thi SpongeBob decides to become a cop when he gets realeased.

Season 4 Epiosde 72 October 24, 2014

Patrick decides to have a Halloween party at his ,and that is where SpongeBob announces he is going to be a cop.

Season 4 Episode 73 November 7, 2014

With SpongeBob gone from the Sponge Gormay is set to try to find there new maneger the twon Octupie belive that Patrick should be the new maneger.

Season 4 Episode 74 November 14, 2014

Both Patrick and SpongeBob are ready for there first day of work at there new jobs Patrick doesn't know how to make the Sponge Gormay a wow restaurant , and SpongeBob makes his first arrest.

Season 4 Episode 75 December 19, 2014

SpongeBob finally gets some action at a bank robbery and find out that Sandy is guilty. At the jail SpongeBob explains how he became a cop so Sandy decides that she will be one as well. Meanwhile it's opening day for the Sponge Gormay's ski resort.

Season 4 Episode 76 January 9, 2015

It's Sandy's first day as a cop and she deciedes to put her karate skills into action. At the Sponge Gormay Patrick has a black and doesn't want people to know what it's about.

Season 4 Epsiode 77 January 16, 2015

Patrick Competes in a game show to compete in a cooking contest vs the best of all time Patrick wins and get's his 15 minutes of fame. Meanwhile SpongeBob starts a realashonship with Sandy.Note: after this epiosde the season was reduced to 18 epsiodes

Season 4 Epsiode 78 January 23, 2015

The twin Octupie say there having having a night out, and they don't invite Patrick. Patrick get jealous so he decides to follow them ,and it turns out they went to a doctor and they found out they only have 2 months to live. Meanwhile SpongeBob and Sandy don't know how to start there relationship.

Season 4 Episode 79 January 30, 2015

Patrick tells Peach something and it soons spreds around bikin bottemn the octupie get upset so the decide to protest and call it octupie Bikini Bottom. menahwile SpongeBob and Sandy find out that Squidward is coming back to apllie for a job as a cop.

Season 4 Episode 80 Febuary 27, 2015

SpongeBob decides that he doesn't like the being a cop and decides to apllie to krabby o'mondays. The bosses like his work and they decide to hire him. Sandy is left with the ownership and sells the place to McDonalds francheise Peach leaves and decides to New York for a modeling job and Patrick is left Crying.

Note: This is the last appearence of Peach

Season 4 Epiosde 81 March 6, 2015

SpongeBob, Sandy, Squidward and Patrick all decide to go take a vacation to bikini bottem. There they run into Mr Krabs and see that he has invented his own company and has invested 7 million $ into it. And he is no longer a cheapskake. Sandy decides to go to inton buisness with him SpongeBob finds out he gets transferred to another Krabby o'monday all the way in rock bottemn Patrick goes to college to finsh.

Seaosn 4 Episode 82 March 13, 2015

There is a going away party for SpongeBob that he forgets to show up to. Squidward can decide to get him and the twin octupie run McDonalds out of buisness.

Season 5

Season 5 is almost rebooted SpongeBob has left the show along with Peach The twin octupie are only going to be rucurring characters. the show will bring back Sandy, Patrick, Squidward, and Mr. Krabs. And a knew character appears Patrick college roomate Crazy McGee. There is also a new theme song

Season 5 Epsiode 83 September 14, 2015

Sandy tries to video chat SpongeBob , but it isn't working. Patrick is struggling in college. Mr Krabs and Squidward work out the the finacial stuff for Krabs new buisness.

Season 5 Episode 84 September 21, 2015

Sandy is geting bored so she buys a snail. Patrick meets his college roomate and it turns out to be Squidwards old best friend.

This is the first appearence of Crazy McGee.

Season 5 Epsiode 85 September 28, 2015

Mr Krabs is looking for a new intern and he decides to hire Crazy Mcgee. Pearl get mad so she runs away Mr Krabs asks Squidward if he would want to go look for her with him manwhile Sandy meets Crazy Mcgee.

Season 5 Epsiode 86 October 5, 2015

Mr Krabs and Squidward find Pearl at a ned and the needle fish concert so they take her back. Patrick and the twin octupie get suspicious of Sandy when she starts hanning out with Crazy McGee.

Season 5 Epsiode 87 October 19, 2015

Mr Krabs hires the twin octupie and Patrick to go on land to do a special project involving the next big thing that the companies doing. Meanwhile Sandy breaks up with SpongeBob to be with Crazy McGee.

Season 5 Epsiode 88 November 2, 2015

The twin octupie are goofing off on the land and Patrick is taking it seriously. meanwhile Sandy has a sleep over with Pearl and they talk for along time.

Season 5 Epsiode 89 November 9, 2015

Patrick is trying to get assinged as a captain for the special project. Squidward decides to voulenteer as a music teacher at the local highschool and tires to get Pearl involved with music and Natalya commits suidice after what happened last season and Crypto is left crying.

Note: This is the last apperance for Natalya.

Seaoson 5 Episode 90 November 16, 2015

Patrick gets promoted to land officer of special projects so he decides to stay there meanwhile the twin octupie find a place stay and the quit. meanwhile on land Sandy and Crazy Mcgee decide to move into toghtether.

Season 5 Epsiode 91 November 30, 2015

Mr Krabs tries to expand his buisness into all 5 oceans and he is having trouble doing that beasue of and old fellow. Plankotns old wife has to approve him with his expansion and she is giving him a hard time. Meanwhile Pearl is having trouble passing a class in which she needs to take in order to get her diploma.

Season 5 Episode 92 December 7, 2015

Patrick fines managing troubling so he reads a bunch of books written by Sheldon Plankton. Squidward's Glee club has move dinto sectionals.

Season 5 Episode 93 December 14, 2015

Squidwards glee club gets eleiminated and he comes up with an idea to go on a vacaction on the land to see Patrick. At the end they have christmas at his new rock and remince about all the godd times they had with each other.

Season 5 Episode 94 February 9, 2016

Patrick suprisingly runs into SpongeBob on the land and they tell each other how there lifes have been in the last year. Sandy beaks up with Crazy Mcgee and so he leaves. Mr Krabs sells the company to Burger King. Pearl gets extra help from Squidward in he failing class and ends up passing while Cypto gets drunk.

Season 5 Episode 95 February 16, 2016

SpongeBob reclaims the Sponge Gromay and hires back the orignal cast besides Patrick and Peach and he decides that now Mr Krabs is fixed he can be Ceo of the Sponge Gormay and put back in charge. Patrick hires peach as his assistant as land officer and the proposes to her.

Season 6

Season 6 is step 2 to the orignal reboot the main character will be SpongeBob , Sandy,Squidward, and Mr. Krabs. Patrick and Peach will be recurring and limited fromnow on Crazy Mcgee makes 1 more appearence

Season 6 Episode 96 September 6, 2016

It's Patrick and Peache's wedding day and their all nervous.  The wedding becomes a wreck SpongeBob looses it with his best man speech Crazy Mcgee becomes crazy and breaks up with Sandy gets drunk and Squidwards music is  terrible. Mr. Krabs gambles.

Seaoson 6 Episode 97 September 13, 2016

Sandy and SpongeBob  try to renew their relationship Squidward hires an accoutant.  And  Mr. Krabs gets a volunteer job as a Army Trainer while Crypto is cloning Natalya.

Season 6 Episode 98 September 20, 2016

Squidward informs the workers that they will soon run out of buisness.  SpongeBob feels like he has lost control of the restaurant so he starts a big fight with Squidward.  Sandy goes to one of Mr. Krabs army traingings

Season 6 Episode 99 September 27, 2016

SpongeBob decides to straighten out the company  by selling some of the unneccesary items like the pools and spas and limos. and makes a shocking firing.

Season 6 Episode 100 October 4 , 2016

After Spongeobob fires Mr. Krabs for defrauding  the company Larry decides to hire him at the goo lagoon.  This gets SpongeBob furious and so he sells that part of the company.  Squidward continues selling stuff. Note: After this episode the show gets renewed for 9 more episodes

Season 6 Episode 101-102 October 18 , 2016

Mr. Krabs sues Spongeobob for the rights of his company and he loses due to his recent prison times.  Mr. Krabs wins co-manegment of the company having to deal with SpongeBob.

Season 6 Episode 103 October 25, 2016

Mr. Krabs wants a Halloween party ,but Spongeob says it's not affordable.

Season 6 Episode 104 November 1, 2016

SpongeBob runs out of ideas on how to improve the restaurant.  Mr. Krabs actually has a good idea and say they need to work on a social networking site.  It becomes a staright away sucsess and they sell it for 6 million dollars.

Season 6 Episode 105 November 8, 2016

SpongeBob has to close down one more restaurant in order to retire with Mr. Krabs and he decides to close down Patricks restaurant. Patrick gets mad and promises never to talk to SpongeBob again.

Season 6 Episode 106 November 15, 2016

SpongeBob and Mr.Krabs buy a condo in florida and decide to reamin a truths SpongeBob proposes to Sandy and she accepts

Season 6 Episode 107 December 6, 2016

The gang goes to Squidwards art show and find that Squidward found a girl her and Sandy become instant friends.

Season 6 Episode 108 December 13 , 2016

SpongeBob throws a christmas party and get meets up py players from the Bruins.

Seaosn 6 Episode 109 January 25, 2017

Pearl comes back from College mad more than ever that she failed all of her classes. 

Season 6 Episode 110 February 1, 2017

Squidward accidently gets the new girl pregnant.  Mr. Krabs decides to become coach of the 0-9 Bikini Bottemn Silly Nannies.

Season 6 Episode 111 February 8, 2017

SpongeBob and Sandy set a date for the wedding Squidward Natina decides to have a double wedding with them. 

Season 6 Episode 112 February 15, 2017

Mr. Krabs and Peal decide to go and search for Mr. Krabs wife, Pearl mom and take a vacation. Squidward meets Natina's parents.

Season 6 Episode 113 February 22, 2017

Squidward and Natina find a house to live in and Squidward decides to by back his old house. SpongeBob goes golfing with Tom Scarett.

Season 6 Episode 114 March 1, 2017

SpongeBob gets a call to invest in a charity. Squidward decides to persue his Clarinet carrer.

Season 6 Episode 115 March 8, 2017

SpongeBob's birhtday is today and nobody remembers ,but his charity does and gives him a happy birthday

Season 6 Episode 116 March 22, 2017

SpongeBob is dealing with depression and he doesn't know what to do with him self Mr. Krabs dies and SpongeBob breaks up with Sandy.

Season 6 Episode 117 March 29, 2017

SpongeBob and Sandy both attend Mr. Krabs funeral and get in a huge arguement in the end the all realize Patrick didn't come and they now know there realationship with him is over.

Season 7

This is supposed to be the final episode of SpongeBob and it only consists of 4 episodes.

Season 7 Episode 1 September 20, 2017 The show is 18 years later and it's SpongeBob and Sandy's son graduation day SpongeBob and Sandy have made new friends through schooling there child. This shows that they have moved on with their lives.

Season 7 Episode 2 September 27, 2017

Squidwards kid and SpongeBob's kid go on a date. The parents have a get toghether.

Season 7 Epsisode 3 October 4, 2017

SpongeBob's kid get hired as the owner of the Krusty Krab 2 and proposes to  Squidward's kid. SpongeBob agrees with Sandy to move to Texas.

Season 7 Episode 4 October 11, 2017

SpongeBob and Sandy start their life in Texas ,but find out they need to get officially married before they can settle SpongeBob and Sandy invite all their old froiend to come to the wedding and someone makes a suprising appearence as SpongeBob's best man. The last scene SpongeBob goes to the Chum Bucket to visit Karen and gives here the Krabby Patty Secret Formula.



This show is going to have rules be prepared

  • No Characters that were formally on SpongeBob unless I say
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This show airs on Saturdays, Fridays, and Mondays at 7:30

There is still a SpongeBob SquarePants show althogh it never mentions the Krusty Krab or Sponge Gormay

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