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Fan-made SpongeBob episodes
Fan-made characters
Locations such as eateries, stores and more made by fans
Fan-made series based off of SpongeBob with an original storyline
Fan-made DVDs
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Tournament Terror


Tournament Terror is the 21st episode of Basket Sponge. It is also the season 1 finale. The POBA basketball tournament has arrived, and the Bulldogs are ready to compete! Or....are they? Despite the terrors that lie ahead, the team is prepared to face a not-so-deserving opponent.... (Read more)
Channel Chasers


Channel Chasers is a spin-off series created by Cosmobo on January 1, 2015. It currently airs on SpongyNetwork.

(Read more)

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Spiritual Suicide

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The Ghastly Show

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  • Travis' 14th birthday is on August 17th! (He's going to kiss everyone? Oh sh*t. - His, meh friend.)

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Fan Blogs

  • Cosmobo

    You can only vote for one spin-off now. Vote for the spin-off you don´t want to leave the most.

    Channel Chasers

    Leader Plankton!

    Basket Sponge

    Reckless and Retired

    Rags to Riches

    Livin´ With The Squid

    Read more >
  • Kidboy24

    Spongopoly Returns

    August 29, 2015 by Kidboy24

    After a long hiatus, Spongopoly will return tonight with My Stranded Life! When the gang take a cruise ship to a tropical vacation, a storm brews up carrying passengers away and sending the boat towards a iceberg! Will the gang survive? Wil they stay together? Find out soon! Also, I will warn you t…

    Read more >
  • New Kelp City

    PLWTR and SB Remade are going on LONG hiatuses, and will not air anymore on KTV (Channel 165) and HDC (Channel 202). Instead, it will air on KTV Kids (Channel 143).

    It's Kelpy G, Coolaz, Da Brownie

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  • Itsshehahnbro

    Yes. I will not be on this wiki for a week. If anyone is wondering why, I'll be on vacation in Mexico. Yay. I'll be back in a week and I'll try to be on at least a little bit while I'm on vacation if I can so for now, goodbye.

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