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Fan-made SpongeBob episodes
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Locations such as eateries, stores and more made by fans
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Ice Cream City: The Truth

Title card
Ice Cream City: The Truth is a film created by Star Car Entertainment and Paramount. It is based upon the real happenings on Ice Cream City, like how SpongeBob and Patrick defeated, and stopped Barnacle Bob from wrecking havoc, and why Barnacle Bob was arrested by the police BEFORE the movie. (Read more...)
Parallel Sponge

Parallel Sponge is a spin-off created by William Leonard for the July 2014 Spin-Off Challenge. It centers around SpongeBob, who, after discovering a wormhole behind the Krusty Krab, travels to a number of alternate futures. (Read more...)

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Patrick Star Wars
Movin' Out Of Bikini Bottom

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Past Meets Future (TV Spin Off Series)
A Day With Spongebob Squarepants

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We have a lot of birthdays, let's take a look below!

  • November 8: We should never forget, it's our wiki's birthday! Let's celebrate!
  • November 10: Whose birthday is it? (I checked his userpage) It's Luis' birthday! Let's celebrate!
  • November 13: Whose birthday is it? It's James's birthday! Let's celebrate it with his first big work in the wiki, The SpongeToons Movie!
  • November 15: Whose birthday is it? It's William Leonard's birthday! Let's celebrate it by... I don't know, doing whatever you normally do I guess.
  • November 27: Whose birthday is it? It's MrScience12's birthday! Let's celebrate...or nah. You'll be too stuffed with Thanksgiving turkey probably!

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Fan Blogs

  • 1

    The narrator's voice sounds like Stephen Fry's voice for some reason, there was no animation to go with it and therefore it's impossible to tell what happens at the end. The scene was deleted from it in the new version for reasons most obvious.

    • Stephen Fry: There were feasts to be prepared, there was…

    Read more >
  • 11

    Support or Oppose?

    November 20, 2014 by SBCA

    Me: Okay, guys. I'm on the verge of retiring from SBFW. I've been doing a lot of stuff in my job and school. 

    This guy sitting next to me: So....are you leaving?

    Me: NO! WTH DUDE?! I'm gonna let you guys vote.

    Me: Shall I stay? If so, comment Support. If not, comment Oppose and state why. Once either …

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  • 0

    ADWSS Sneak Peak 2!

    November 19, 2014 by IRmjii

    It's time for another ADWSS sneak peak for all you fans on WIkia! Let's dive in!

    SpongeBob and Patrick do a load of stunts hoping they will earn money but are they sucsessful?

    • [The episode opens up with SpongeBob and Patrick holding a skateboard each]
    • Narrator: And now we welcome you to SpongeBob and …

    Read more >
  • 1

    Looking forward to Thanksgiving you Americans? Well now you can be more excited as a new ADWSS special will be arriving to a Wiki near you!! On the 30th November you get to see 30 minutes of epicness!!

    Ok so..............

    SpongeBob is enjoying work and Patrick are enjoying his Krabby Patty when SUDDE…

    Read more >

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