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Ice Cream City: The Truth

Title card
Ice Cream City: The Truth is a film created by Star Car Entertainment and Paramount. It is based upon the real happenings on Ice Cream City, like how SpongeBob and Patrick defeated, and stopped Barnacle Bob from wrecking havoc, and why Barnacle Bob was arrested by the police BEFORE the movie. (Read more...)
Parallel Sponge

Parallel Sponge is a spin-off created by William Leonard for the July 2014 Spin-Off Challenge. It centers around SpongeBob, who, after discovering a wormhole behind the Krusty Krab, travels to a number of alternate futures. (Read more...)

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Patrick Star Wars
Movin' Out Of Bikini Bottom

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Past Meets Future (TV Spin Off Series)
A Day With Spongebob Squarepants

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  • Halloween is this month but will you go trick or treating?
  • NOVEMBER 22 WILL BE EPIC, SO DON'T MISS IT! If you miss it, consequences ensue. Bad ones. Mwahahahahahahahhahaahhahaa
  • The SpongeToons Movie lands November 13th. Why? I dunno.
  • The trailer for Gold Rush (2014 film) has been posted. Why not check it out User blog:IRmjii/Gold Rush Official Trailer! Gold Rush is expected to be released in either 4th January 2015 or when IRmjii confirms if there is a slight delay.

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Fan Blogs

  • 2

    Back to square one

    October 31, 2014 by SBFWChannel

    Well, this is gonna disappoint a lot of people. The Goofballs script had 26 pages (over 9 scenes) finished and made perfect and now, it's gone. We've moved it to another document to be used as reference only and we're starting over. Again.

    Why? The script made absolutely no sense. There wasn't an app…

    Read more >
  • 6

    attention all users on spongefan wiki , i want to note to you that we should be enternaly greatfull , forever 

    use this on your avatar

    Read more >
  • 7

    They finally released a new trailer. Thoughts?

    Personally, I stopped anticipating it. The jokes aren't funny anymore, the animation style is horrid, and it will never come close to reaching the overall greatness of the first movie. But that's just my opinion.

    At least there is still another movie in …

    Read more >
  • 3
    Homsar Runner

    i like spongebob

    October 26, 2014 by Homsar Runner

    spongebob is good

    Read more >

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