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Welcome to the SpongeBob Fanon Wiki.
Bienvenue à la Wiki Fanon Bob L'éponge
Waeelicooumaee taoe taheei Sabefewo

Over 1000 SpongeBob fans are currently making over 7,876 articles, and you can too!

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Fan-made SpongeBob episodes
Fan-made characters
Locations such as eateries, stores and more made by fans
Fan-made series based off of SpongeBob with an original storyline
Fan-made DVDs
Other articles that do not fit the categories already listed

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Internet Stalker Forums

Internet Stalker Forums

Internet Stalker Forums is the thirteenth episode of Livin' With The Squid in which SpongeBob and Patrick find out that the only reason Squidward let them move in was so that he could make fun of them on Pineapple Farms, an online forum. (Read more)
The All New SpongeBob Movies

2nd spin-off

The All New SpongeBob Movies is a spin-off where SpongeBob's show gets cancelled so he gets a new one. In the new one he becomes a cop and marries Sandy. (Read more)

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Fox Kids
Drugs of Doom: A Turn For The Worst

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The Spongey Games

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  • Site News: Long time user The Imperial Ghost is now retiring from the wiki.
  • Site News: PlutoSpongebobSkylanders, probably more well-known as Plutoinapineapple, has left straight after returning much like The Imperial Ghost!

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Fan Blogs

  • BobSponge444


    February 21, 2017 by BobSponge444

    I'm deleting season 40, but I'm making it again. There was a glitch were the table didn't appear, and I don't know how to fix it. I'm still going to keep all the episodes that JackBradley9999 made, I just don't want to get banned for no reason.

    Read more >
  • RadioGuy42

    That season went on forever.

    Read more >
  • PolarKey

    Arctic Accolade Voting

    February 20, 2017 by PolarKey

    I mean nominations instead of voting but you can't change the name of a blog post so we're just stuck with it. Anyone remember the first annual arctic accolade awards? Well, er, how do I put this... We don't exactly have enough nominations yet to go into the voting period and so I would like you al…

    Read more >
  • Phillydan25

    The 1st Spectro Awards!

    February 20, 2017 by Phillydan25

    Hi! I am hosting an awards show on Saturday, March 4, 2017. It will be in a thread that I will create. I created a page for instructions, as seen by here. If you would like to cast a vote and/or nominate a movie, please PM me in the chat or on skype so I can keep the scores private.

    Read more >

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