SpongeBob GlobalPants Is A 2009 SpongeBob Fanic Spin-off Series Where A Certain Number Of Characters From The SpongeBob Universe(Some from the Total Drama Universe) Compete For A Whole Lot Of Money.

Release Date:January 4, 2010

Release Date(SGP Wiki):June 10,2010

End Date:Late 2011

End Date(SGP Wiki):Summer 2012

No. Of Episodes:72

No.Of Seasons:3

Pilot Episode:SpongeBob GlobalPants Episode 1,season 1(Help Wanted 2)

Final Episode:TBA

Season Tiltle

Season 1 SpongeBob GlobalPants(Season One) January2010- August 2010

Season 2 SpongeBob GlobalAction(Season Two) August 2010- February2011

Season 3 SpongeBob WorldTour(Season Three) June 2011-TBA 2011

Season One

Title:SpongeBob GlobalPants(Season One)

First Airdate:January 4,2010

First Airdate(SGP Wiki):June 10,2010

Last Airdate:August 2010

Last Airdate(SGP Wiki):TBA 2011?



Specials:2(SpongeBob Global Global Global GlobalPants And The Elimanation Aftermath:III)



Season Two

Title:SpongeBob GlobalAction(Season 2)

First Airdate:August 15,2010

Last Airdate:February 21,2011

Campers:15(12 Returning And 3 New Ones)





Season Three

Title:SpongeBob WorldTour(Season 3)

First Airdate:July 2011

Last Airdate:TBA

Campers:16(10 Returning,3 From Season 1,And 2 New Ones.)





Season Four(Cancelled)

Season four was currently cancelled.

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Also see the first Season 3 episodes!:

SWT Airport

Sphinx And Pyramids And Drama

Mount Patermore

Unknown Episodes

The following episodes were discovered as being worked on, but nothing ever came out of them:

  • Back To The Pilot
  • The Global Sponge Olympics In North America (Fun Fact: Chris Everest McLouis Mclean V is the full name of the host, as found out in this episode)

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