SpongeBob SquarePants Anime


Created by:
Angel Sponge x Anime
Executive Producers:
Angel Sponge x Anime
January 31,2010

SpongeBob SquarePants Anime is a spin-off of SpongeBob SquarePants (TV show) created by Angel Sponge x Anime This about SpongeBob and the gang all turn into Anime and they all kinda look cool if they were anime.(Look it up on google) This the Squel to SpongeBob SquarePants.


Season 1

SpongeBob SquarePants Anime is going to start from January 31, 2010 to Febuary 26, 2010. 20 episodes were orderded for Season 1. The DVD will be relesed at the end of Febuary. SpongeBob SquarePants Anime: The Complete First Season.

Title Card 116 SPONGO LOCO

2-11-10 i so cool i love it i have all of them do you

Written by

"SquarePants Anime" January 31, 2010
SpongeBob goes to Sandy's house and Sandy wanted to test her machine. When her machine goes wrong SpongeBob turn into a person! The machine went crazy and started zapping the town into anime! Every character inclued the non-main characters all turn into Anime but cannot change back! Sandy thought she was in BIG trouble but the town's people said there find like begin human. So intsead of SpongeBob SquarePants we change it to SpongeBob SquarePants ANIME. Sponegbobfan321

"Patrick's new pet" Febuary 1,2010
Patrick found a Panda thats named Pandi. He taken care of it for days until SpongeBob found out. SpongeBob says there is an owner who owned Pandi. Patrick doesn't want to give it away, so goes to a place that no one can find Patrick or Pandi. A few days later, the owner appeared to be PLANKTON!? SpongeBob will protect Patrick's pet from Plankton taking him away from Patrick. Can Patrick still have his cute Panda? or will SpongeBob fail and Plankton gets it off his hands?

"Pearl's Paparazii chase" Febuary 2,2010
An boy who appeared to be an idol move to the high school that Pearl goes to. Pearl was madly in love with him. They call him Jin. Prom Night is comming, so Jin ask Pearl to his date. Pearl was trilled and all the girls in the school was jeloues. Pearl didn't care, her friends didn't mind at all. Later in the week, an paparazii came to the school to see Jin and Pearl. Pearl gets annoyed by them so she and Jin ran to the Krusty Krab. Mr Krabs asked SpongeBob to protect them everytime. Can SpongeBob protect them from the paparazii chase or will it go rookie?

"Angels in the Air" Febauary 3,2010
SpongeBob saw angels in the sky! Squidward keeps telling him there are no such thing as angels. SpongeBob knows that he did see an angel that look just like him! When he went to Patrick's house, he saw them again! Patrick missed it and didn't know what SpongeBob was talking about. When he went to Sandy's house he saw them again! Sandy thought that SpongeBob just wants to trick her. SpongeBob wasn't kidding at all! He really did saw them. The same things happen again, again and again and not anyone belived him! Can SpongeBob prove it he saw an angel or is it just in his mind?

"Yang-Yang Squidward" Febauary 4,2010

"Squid with no soul" Febuary 5,2010
SpongeBob wanted Squidward to taste the cheesy chips SpongeBob says it's good for your soul and Squidward says he doesn't have a soul! SpongeBob sees Squidward's soul running away SpongeBob trys to tell Squidward but doesn't belive him! Can SpongeBob get Squidward's soul back befores it's too late?

"Rainig Krabby Pattys" Febuary 6,2010
SpongeBob makes too many Krabby Pattys that the Krusty Krab exploaded everywhere in town!

"Two Masters of KA-RA-TAY" Febaury 7,2010
Sandy master Karate in training. SpongeBob wanted Sandy to make him master karate too. Sandy teachs him everything that she knows about all of the things of karate. SpongeBob trained really hard to pass master class and the big day is on it's way! Can SpongeBob master Karate to move up to the next level called infinte fighter?

"Muiscal Squidward" Febuary 8,2010
Squidward gets jeloules of Squillwillam being better the Squidward so Squidward makes his own band to rub it on Squilliam's face. However, It didn't go so well that Squidward can't take it! One week later Squidward was chosen to be part of the Bikini Bottom Muisc Team. Squidward was happy that he was chosen that Squillwillam didn't get chosen. Can Squidward be better than Squillwillam?

"Vampier Sandy" Febuary 9,2010
Sandy got bitten by a vampier! She can survie in the day and night time. SpongeBob and Patrick can tell that Sandy got bitten by a bat. They tried everything to help her go back to normal but nothing work at all! Can Sandy be back to her own self or is she stuck like this forever?

"Broke Krabs" Febuary 10,2010
Mr Krabs is broke beacuse robbers have stolen everything in the Krusty Krab! Will they save the Krusty Krab or will it be the end of it's last Krabby Patty?

"Tallest Sponge Ever" Febaury 11,2010
SpongeBob always wanted to be tall. So Patrick helps him become tall but nothing works! SpongeBob buys a drink and one night............. SpongeBob started to grow bigger and taller! The next day SpongeBob felt funny when he looked at the miroor he was shocked! SpongeBob finnaly became tall!

"Suit Up Krabs!" Febuary 12,2010
Mr Krabs is going out on a date with Mrs Puff but he doesn't like wearing a suit. Squidward says you must wear one when it comes to a date. Squidward is a fancy expert on being fancy so he helps Mr Krabs on put a suit that suits him better. It's time to show what he is made of. Will Mr Krabs date with Mrs Puff go very smoothly?

"FINAL SMASH!!!!!!!" Febaury 13,2010

"The Missing Flower" Febaury 14,2010
Sandy's flower on her head is missing! It's up to SpongeBob to find where her flower dissappeared to.


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Opening Theme Songs

  • Season 1: Trilling Life

Ending Theme Songs

  • Season 1: White Rainbow