SpongeBob VS Bin Weevils


Spin off Crossover Quiz show
Air Date:
27 April 2011
Charaters From:

Prism Enteriment

Untied Plankton Pictures
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In this Great Crossover and Spin off Quiz show and featuring 2 hosts Perch Perkins (SpongeBob SquarePants) and Marie Fisher (Bin Weevils) plus 2 shows 2 SpongeBob sqaurepants Characters and 2 Bin Weevils Characters and they also in end of the round they play spin the wheel if they wanted they press green if not they Press Red. Sadly Tink and Clott and nor SpongeBob is not main characters in this game show but how ever they were contestants in it. 1 SpongeBob character and 1 binweevils character will face to face into the final Countdown and winner who beats the character


1. Tink and Clott VS SpongeBob and Patrick

2. Rigg and Rott VS Plankton and Mr.Krabs

3. Punt and Dosh VS Squidward and Squilliam

4. Bing and Fling VS Nat Peterson and Gary

5. Fink and Shem VS Mrs. Puff and Flats the Flounder

6. Pab and Tab VS The Flying Dutchman and SpongeBob

7. Sip and Kip VS Patrick and Squidward

8. Bigg and Gong VS Mermaid man and Barncle Boy

9. Funt and Runt VS Patrick and Sandy

10. Thong and Dong VS Sandy and Larry

11. Scram and Tigg VS Pearl and Mr.Krabs

12. Gam and Bam VS Larry and SpongeBob

13. Blem and Clott VS Patrick and Flats the Flounder

14. Bunt and Hem VS Sandy and Pearl

15.Cancelled?Bin Weevils Gets Cancelled Due To A Fire In The Studio For Bin Weevils,So,SpongeBob. VS.Bin Weevils Is Forced To Air In Reruns.

Final showdown and winners

1. Tink vs SpongeBob. Winner: Tink

2. Rigg vs Plankton. Winner: Rigg

3. Punt vs Squidward. Winner: Squidward

4. Fling vs Nat peterson. Winner: Fling

5. Fink vs Mrs Puff. Winner: Fink

6. Pab vs The Flying Dutchman. Winner: Pab

7. Sip vs Patrick. Winner: Patrick

8. Gong vs Barncle Boy. Winner: Gong

9. Funt vs Sandy. Winner: Sandy

10. Thong vs Larry. Winner: Larry

11. Scram vs Pearl. Winner: Pearl

12. Bam VS SpongeBob. Winner: SpongeBob

13. Clott VS Patrick. Winner: Patrick

14. Bunt VS Sandy. Winner: Bunt

15.None Won Due To The Cancellation Of Bin Weevils.

Characters in Host

Perch Perkins (Host)

Marie Fisher (Host)

Slam (DJ)

Lip (Co-DJ)

Game Rounds

Point Picker

Winner Stays on

Fastest Finger

Pie Fight

Mystery Challenge

Globe Trotter

Top Rank (Only Marie)

Point Stealer

Final Countdown (Final game and 1 vs 1 round)