This series is now owned by Cicicity as Pluto gave him ownership on his message wall

SpongeBob With Pluto
Spongebob with pluto-1
Created by Plutoinapineapple
Original run October 9th - Present
Genre Comedy
# of seasons 2
# of episodes 13
Spin-off status active
Directed by Cicicity
Writer(s) Cicicity
Creative directors Cicicity
Storyboard artist(s) Cicicity
Production company Toon Disney

SpongeBob With Pluto is a spin-off created by Plutoinapineapplebut later adopted by Cicicity. Pluto is getting picked on when he got hit into Bikini Bottom, now he will learn how to fit in and stuff.


Season 1

Episode 1 Season 1 The Knockout

When Pluto is getting picked on about his Planetary Status Little does he know a Asteroid Puts him Down to the Bikini Bottom

Episode 2 Going Around The Bottom

When Spongebob Decides To Take Pluto Around Town,Will he be famous or will he get laughed at

Episode 3 The Hospital

When Patrick gave Pluto Hot sauce in the last episode the milk didn't cure it.Does he need a mouth replacement.

Episode 4 A house for pluto

Pluto needs a house but what are they gonna do to it how are they gonna build it

Episode 5 The Interview

Pluto has a house already but he interviews for the krusty krab will he pass?

Episode 6 A Child

Pluto Finally gets married and he's back with a newborn

Episode 7 Playhouse?

Pluto finds out he's not on Fox Kids anymore

Episode 8 Gambling

Pluto gets addicted to gambling and SpongeBob tries to help stop his addiction.

Episode 9 Congress Help?

Pluto's the Vice President.But Trump is doing horrible

Episode 10 Pluto's Birthday

Pluto's birthday is today but he gets excuses everywhere

Season 2

Episode 1 ROBLOX

Pluto finds out about this game called roblox from Spongebob

Episode 2 A Very Pluto Thanksgiving

Pluto and his friends are having thanksgiving dinner But robbie rotten will try to mess it up

Episode 3 : The Job Center

Pluto gets a new job after months of hunting for one.

Other Stuff

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