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Spongebob With Pluto
Spongebob with pluto-1
Created by Plutoinapineapple
Original run October 9th - Present
Genre Comedy
# of seasons 2
# of episodes 13
Spin-off status active
Directed by Plutoinapineapple
Writer(s) Plutoinapineapple
Creative directors Plutoinapineapple
Storyboard artist(s) Plutoinapineapple
Production company Playhouse Disney

Spongebob With Pluto is a spin-off created by Plutoinapineapple. Pluto is getting picked on when he got hit into Bikini Bottom, now he will learn how to fit in and stuff.


Season 1

Episode 1 Season 1 The Knockout

When Pluto is getting picked on about his Planetary Status Little does he know a Asteroid Puts him Down to the Bikini Bottom

Episode 2 Going Around The Bottom

When Spongebob Decides To Take Pluto Around Town,Will he be famous or will he get laughed at

Episode 3 The Hospital

When Patrick gave Pluto Hot sauce in the last episode the milk didn't cure it.Does he need a mouth replacement.

Episode 4 A house for pluto

Pluto needs a house but what are they gonna do to it how are they gonna build it

Episode 5 The Interview

Pluto has a house already but he interviews for the krusty krab will he pass?

Episode 6 A Child

Pluto Finally gets married and he's back with a newborn

Episode 7 Playhouse?

Pluto finds out he's not on Fox Kids anymore

Episode 8 Gambling

The thoughs of the solar system monopoly game has got to Pluto as he returns for a half hour special

Episode 9 Congress Help?

Pluto's the Vice President.But Trump is doing horrible

Episode 10 Pluto's Birthday

Pluto's birthday is today but he gets excuses everywhere

Season 2

Episode 1 ROBLOX

Pluto finds out about this game called roblox from Spongebob

Episode 2 A Very Pluto Thanksgiving

Pluto and his friends are having thanksgiving dinner But robbie rotten will try to mess it up

We also air on Playhouse Disney

  • Theme-Meet me halfway-Black eye peas

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