This DVD set contains all 10 episodes from season 10 of "Sponged Together".

Rated 12 for mild language and dark situations (in episodes such as Koma Krabs)

Disc 1:

  • Animation
  • Gold Diggers Of '2019
  • The Rise & Decline Of Bubble Buddy
  • Koma Krabs
  • To The Desert, 1

Disc 2:

  • To The Desert, 2
  • Plankton, The Video Game Guru
  • Mrs. Puff's Musical
  • Larry's Recipe
  • The 10-Year Episode Is About SpongeBob

Bonus Features Include:

Commentary on every episode

The Making of 10 Years Of Sponged Together

"10-Years Of Sponged Together In 30 Seconds"

The 10-Year "History Of 'Sponged Together'" N@N Special

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