This DVD set contains the complete 13th season of Sponged Together.

Rated 12 for mild language and violence.

Disc 1

  • Welcome Back Once Again
  • Krabby Party
  • Conflict In The Household
  • The Bakery
  • Don't Be My Valentine
  • Best Friends?
  • Plankton Vs. Larry
  • The Return Of The Squid

Disc 2

  • Squilliam's Son
  • Animator Dominator
  • Bakery Rebuild
  • Party Night
  • Unluckiest Episode Ever
  • When Krabs Is Behind The Wheel...
  • Revenge
  • The Best Season Finale

Bonus Features Include

  • Uncanceled Once Again - Featurete About The Cancellation And Revival Of Sponged Together
  • Commentaries By Writers, Actors, Directors, Storyboard Artists, Etc..
  • New Writers! - Featurette About The Brand New Writers Of Sponged Together
  • Animatics, Storyboards, And Much More!

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