This DVD boxed set contains all 22 episodes from the 14th season of "Sponged Together". Rated 12 for mild language, violence, and sexual references.

Disc 1

  • Goodbye!
  • Moustache Mania
  • Prom Night Problem
  • Squirrel Pants
  • Sandy's Date
  • Mr. Krab's On Weight Watchers
  • Patrick The Hero

Disc 2

  • The Art Of Money?
  • I Pronounce You Starfish And W.I.F.E...
  • Squirrel Prank
  • OneSquidBand
  • Karate Star
  • Squidward's Lucky Day
  • Surfing Squirrel

Disc 3

  • Mr. Puff Returns!
  • SpongeBob's Boating Clown!
  • So-Called Hospital Accident?
  • Foster P.C
  • My Home Isn't Your Home!
  • One Night Without Electricity
  • Beach Party?
  • New Year, New Problem

Bonus Features

  • Audio Commentary on every episode
  • Animatics, Storyboards, etc...
  • The Decision of Squid

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