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Sponged Together: Season 3 *Uncut/Uncensored*

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This DVD boxed set contains the complete 3rd season of "Sponged Together" in production order.

Rated 12 for mild language and violence.


  • +New Neighbors *301*
  • Bye Bye, Karen *302*
  • Restaurant Sick *303*
  • +Lost In The Jungle: 1 *304*
  • +House Talent Show *305*
  • SpongeBob's Super Fantastic, Extra Magic, Extraordinary Sun Fun Time Show!!!! *306*
  • Mr. Krabs & Larry Eat Out  *307*


  • +Lost In The Jungle: 2 *308*
  • Home Visiting *309*
  • Larry's Son *310*
  • Puffy Krabs *311*
  • +Karen's Old Boyfriend *312*
  • Gary Come Home! *313*
  • +The Musical Season Finale *314*

Bonus Features include:

Audio Commentary On Episodes Marked With A +

Behind The Scenes Featurettes

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