This DVD boxed-set contains all 26 episodes of the ninth season.

Rated 12 for mild language, violence, and some suggestive humor.

Disc 1:

  • Welcome Home
  • SpongeBob's Sister
  • The Club
  • The Return Of The Secret Box
  • King Of The Rich
  • Karate Plankton
  • Shape-Up Puff

Disc 2:

  • Patrick's Chicken Farm
  • Mr. Krab's Diary
  • Real-Life Karen
  • Beach Sandy
  • Happy Birthday Larry!!
  • Sandy's Dog Feces
  • Happy 4th Of July

Disc 3:

  • Rebuilding Bikini Bottom: Happy 4th Of July Pt. 2
  • Movie-Goers
  • Taste Tester
  • Sponge In A Tree
  • Old Folks
  • The Vacation: Part The First
  • The Vacation: Part The Second

Disc 4:

  • The Vacation: The Big Finale
  • Homeless Henry
  • Hurricane
  • Live-Action
  • Merry Day After Christmas

Bonus Features Include:

Audio Commentary On Every Episode

Cancellation Rumors Cleared


The Making Of "The Vacation Saga"

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