This DVD set contains all episodes from the final 2 seasons of "Sponged Together". Rated 12 for violence.

Disc 1 (Season 11):

  • The CIA Ain't Got Nothin' On Me
  • Larry In The Mafia
  • Those Were The Good Old Days
  • Artistic Endeavours
  • To Hollywood! 1

Disc 2 (Season 11):

  • To Hollywood! 2
  • Diner Of Puff
  • Sandy And The Beast
  • The Old Folks Home
  • Don't Make Promises You Can't Keep

Disc 3 (Season 12):

  • Mrs. Puff Is A Bad Driver
  • Karen The Chef
  • Bye Bye House? Part 1
  • Bye Bye House? Part 2
  • Plankton: Computer Graphics Designer
  • The Big Phenomenal, Ultra Fast Paced, Hilarious Action Packed, Tasty And Quick To Eat, Magnificent And Great Series Finale!

Bonus Features Include:

Commentary On Every Single Episode

A New Documentary About The Complete Series Of "Sponged Together"

"The Making Of The Entire 'Sponged Together' Series" Featurette

Interviews With Cast, Writers, Directors, Executive Producers, Etc..

Series Overview By Series Creator, Deetfeet

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