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Spongezuma Eleven is the first show of Emperor2.  It is about The Soccer Team of Bikini Junior High & It's Goalie SpongeBob trying the win the Pacific Frontier Tournament.


SpongeBob SquarePants: The main character of the Franchise.  He is the Goalie & Captain of Bikini Junior High.  His Moves are Shark Hand,which evolves into True Shark Hand.  He also uses The Breaker Knuckle,which evolves into Tidal Knuckle.

Squidward Tentacles:. The Forward Striker.  His moves are Water Tornado,'Crab Tornado with Eugene,Spongezuma One with SpongeBob,& Spongezuma Drop with SpongeBob.

Eugene Crabs: The grumpy,greedy second striker of Bikini Junior.His Moves are Crab Crash,& Crab Tornado with Squidward.

Patrick Star: The hefty,strong defender of Bikini Junior.His Moves are Spongezuma Drop with Squidward,& The Wall.

Nathan Squid: The very speedy squid of Bikini Junior.His moves are Whirlpool Shot,& Fire Albatross with Squidward.

Jude J.Plankton: The Former Team Captain of Chum Academy,who becomes the valuable strategist of the Bikini Eleven.His moves are Barracuda Shot #2 with Eric & Squidward,& Spongezuma Break with Squidward & SpongeBob.


Season 1:


01:Spongezuma Pilot! Airdate:2nd September,2011
The Failing Team the Bikini Eleven is forced to find new members or be Disbanded. Featured Move:Shark Hand
02:Chum Is Here! Airdate:2nd September,2011
Bikini Eleven play a match against Chum Academy. Featured Move:Water Tornado
03.Move Crazy Airdate:2nd September,2011
After Talking with Sandy Bikini Cheeks,Squidward joins permanently. Featured Move:Crab Crash
04.This Is the Spongezuma Drop! Airdate:3rd September,2011
The Team try to perferct a move called Spongezuma Drop.
05.Light Night,First Half!

Airdate:3rd September,2011

The quarter Finalist Team the Bikini Eleven are going to play are rumored to be weak,But find themselves in trouble when the match starts. Featured Move:Sandstorm Defense
06.Light Night,Second Half Airdate:3rd,September,2011
After Willy upgrades Crab Crash with his move Dolphin Dive,both teams play a fair match. Featured Move:Dolphin Dive
07.The Evil Football Cyborgs! Airdate:4th September,2011
The Semi finalist team are going to ambush Bikini Junior High. Featured Move:Ice Fist
08.Brainwashing Match Airdate:4th September,2011
The Semi Final match between Bikini Junior & Brainwashing Junior begins Featured Move:Spongezuma One
09:The Finals! Airdate:4th September,2011
A look at Chum Academy's moves. Featured:Death Zone
10:The Match against Chum,First Half! Airdate:5th September,2011
The Evil Princepal at Chum Academy is revealed to be a villain.
11:The Match against Chum,Second Half! Airdate:5th September,2011
The match between Chum Academy & Bikini Junior ends with Bikini Eleven winning! Featured Move:Barracuda Shot #2
12:VS Spongezuma! Airdate:5th September,2011
Now with the Districts Over with,Sandy looks into entering The Bikini Eleven in the Pacific Frontier Tournament & the coach & his team play against them. Featured Move:Fire Albatross

Frontier Tourament:

13:Soccer Samurai Team! Airdate:10th September,2011
The First Team to play The Bikini Eleven are Katana Jr.High,& are rumored to be Powerful
14:Jude's Decision Airdate:24th September,2011
When Chum are easily defeated by Pacific,Jude has a choice,Stay with Chum our play for the Bikini Eleven
15:Let's Perfect the Tri Orca! Airdate: 15 February,2012
SpongeBob, Larry & Jude try to perfect a powerful move called the Tri Orca. Featured Move: Tri Orca
16:The Powerful Coral Academy! Airdate: 15 February,2012
While training, Squidward finds three boys from his former school, Coral Academy! Featured Move: Reverse Tornado
17:VS Coral Academy! Airdate: 17 February,2012
Bikini Eleven start their match against Coral Academy, Squidward's former school, but they find themselves losing. Eventually Squidward regains his confidence & wins the match using Water Tornado.


Patrick holding ice cream

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