Spy Buddies: Season Two (DVD).
Comedy, Action-Adventure, Mystery
Approx 10 hours
Release Date
March 19, 2013

This is a DVD that has the complete second season of Spy Buddies.


Disc One

  • Spy Mission in Outer Space
  • King of All Missions (Part One)
  • King of All Missions (Part Two)
  • The Spy Car
  • The Rugrats Are In Trouble
  • Labor Day Disaster
  • The Haunted House (Part One)
  • Nightmare Island (Part Two)
  • Back to the Bikini Bottom (Part Three)
  • The Bikini Bottom is Ruined (Part Four)
  • The New Member
  • It's Okay, Buddy
  • The Dance

Disc Two

  • Fred Gets Fired
  • The Christmas Party
  • Cheese
  • Little Cousin
  • Ski Trip
  • Photo Day
  • Wedding
  • What Ever Happened to Fred?
  • The Search For the Sponge
  • New Blood (Part One)
  • Jail (Part Two)
  • Victory (Part Three)

Disc Three

  • Episodes With Commentary
  • Episodes With Extra Footage
  • Bonus Episode From Season 3

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