Square Nights is a new spin-off from Stephen Burg anyone can write!

The plot features a note that says "night shall forever fall on Bikini Bottom!" At midnight, SpongeBob & co. get a bunch of powers.

The show produced/distributed/created by Dark Pictuers. The show is actually really humerous and at times Announcer Fish and another narrotor try to break the fourth wall.

Ep. 1 Pilot(Square Nights)

Dark days fall and SpongeBob "shrinks" and Patrick turns into a blob.

Ep. 2 Blob Overdose

When Patrick uses his "Blob Power" too much,he stays as a blob!Can SpongeBob change him back?


  • Please note that the show involves only cartoon violence at mild. Reduce everything else, including language.
  • The only crossover characters are Jack Skellington & 9.

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