Squid-word! is Squidward's cousin. He is a rapper and is famous for his hit song, "Clams Got Nothin' On U". He is famous, unlike Squidward.

Gender Male
Age 26
Color Same as Squidward
Nationality Singing
Hometown Tentacle Acres(former)Bikini Bottom
Born August 12,1971
Created Unknown
Professional Information
Profession Dancing
Major Singer
Signature Squid-word!
Friends and Family
Parents Mama Squid and Papa Squid
Creator Unknown
Grandparents Grandma Squid and Grandpa Squid
Pet(s) Brian(Dog)
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance Trapped in the Future
Voiced by Nick Cannon(Series)

Clancy Brown(Trapped in the Future)

Appearances in Fan Series

Games slider and chaser