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Squid VS. Squid: the Movie
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Written by RamDarre
Directed by pakkuman!
Produced by RamDarre Productions
Starring Roger Bumpass
Narrated by Tom Kenny
Distributed by TheSponge231 Productions
Release date June 20, 2016
Squid VS. Squid: the Movie is a 2016 direct-to-video film based on the spin-off Squid VS. Squid. The film came out on Blu-Ray on June 20, 2016, and received mixed reviews from critics. The movie was produced by RamDarre Productions distributed by TheSponge231 Productions.


The film takes place after the final events of Squid VS. Squid. (Somewhere in the future)

Squidward finds out about a clarinet competition in Kelptropolis, but little did he know that Squillium was also participating. The winner gets to bring home 1,000,000,000 dollars in clams. Squidward and Squillium then meet up while walking to work and argue about who's gonna win, whether it be Squidward or Squillium.

That night Squidward tries to get to the airport before Squillium, but he then finds out that Squillium already left, and there are no more flights. Because of this, Squidward has to drive.

The drive ends up being very long, as it takes him days. His car suddenly breaks down in the middle of the desert, leaving him stranded. As it's getting late, he walks to the nearest gas station to sleep.

The next morning, he goes to the next door diner for some breakfast. He goes back to the gas station to get some gas for his car. He then hitches a ride with Gary, who is driving SpongeBob to work. Because of this, Squidward must sit in the back seat. After he drops SpongeBob off at work, he drives him to Kelptropolis, despite the many days it would take.

Once Squidward gets there, he gets his tickets and enters the stage. He gives Squillium the stinkeye, only to get laughed at. Once Squillium begins to play, his clarinet sounds SO bad that it makes someone in the crown yell "Oh brooother, THIS GUY STINKS!" He then finds out his reed was broken before he came there. Once Squidward begins to play it sounds beautiful. The judge instantly gives the prize to Squidward and Squillium loses his ENTIRE fortune to Squidward.

The movie ends with Squillium saying "I'll be back..." after that, the credits roll.


The film's soundtrack was released by Sony Music Entertainment, and later re-released by Epic Records.


The film was met with mixed reviews upon release, Rotten Tomatoes giving it a 37% "Rotten" rating saying that "Squid VS. Squid: the Movie only sounds good on paper. An film adaptation of RamDarre Productions' Squid VS. Squid series could work, just not like this."


  • Kelptropolis resembles New York City.
  • This is the first time we see Gary driving.
  • This is TheSponge231 Productions' first direct-to-video film.