Richard Star

Richard Star

Squiddy Go Evil! is a I.J.L.S.A. episode from season one.

Production Companies: SpongeBob Productions, Sony Pictures Television, 20th Century Fox Television


After fending off E.V.I.L. and realizing the Elastic Waistband was brainwashed, the I.J.L.S.A. go to Rock Bottom to stop E.V.I.L. again. As they start to leave Bikini Bottom, a squid stops them. Captain Magma says "Hey Big-Nose! Get out of our way!" The Squid refuses and says "No! I work for E.V.I.L.!". The Quickster asks himself "Hmmmm...Where have I heard this voice before?" The Squid says "See you later, Internatianal Justice League of Super DORKS!" and jumps down the hole to Rock Bottom.

Captain Magma then says "How obnoxious!" He then turns to Miss Appear and says "Now RUB MY BACK! I CAN'T DO IT BY MYSELF!!!" Miss Appear then says "You're kidding, right?" The I.J.L.S.A. then jump down the hill. The Quickster hits the bottom first. Then Captain Magma lands on the Quickster. Then Miss Appear lands on top of the dogpile. Captain Magma says "What happened to ladies first?" Miss Appear tells him "No time for that! Look!"

Captain Magma and the Quickster look ahead. E.V.I.L. are terrorizing fish at Makeup Hole, where girls go to put on makeup and where couples go to apoligize to each other. E.V.I.L. are terrorizing the girls by saying they make whale blubber look better, and the boys by making wolf whistles at their girlfriends. Miss Appear and Captain Magma are ready, but the Quickster is cowering in fear.

When Miss Appear asks him what's wrong, the Quickster reminds them about what happened at Makeout Reef. Miss Appear then says "There is nothing to worry about! Right, Magma? Magma?" She then notices that he is talking to the squid from the top of the hill. The Quickster then gets the courage to fight. There is a big dust cloud. Then one of the time cards appear. The time card says 'Bam!' The squid, who calls himself Squiddy, explodes

. The I.J.L.S.A. are in shock: Squiddy was a robot controlled by the Elastic Waistband! Miss Appear says there is no use, but the Quickster says "Patrick! I have a Krabby Patty!" The Elastic Waistband snaps out of his trance and yells "OH BOY!" Then a squid who looks exactally like Squiddy says "You were making fun of me!?! I am joining E.V.I.L.!" The Quickster then says "Let's all go home!" Then a time card says "The Egg Elm Ear End!" Then the Quickster says come on Elastic Waistband, let's go!" as they leave Rock Bottom.


This is the first time someone in the I.J.L.S.A. called a member by a first name.

The Elastic Waistband broke the fourth wall when he put the sign.

The "The End" card is a parody of the cover of the book "Just For Yu You"

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