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Squidrose is a black-haired female octopus who is seen in the episode Squidville.

Squidrose Coral Suctioncups
Gender Female
Age 33
Color pink
Nationality Octapus
Hometown Tentacle Acres
Born December 8,1975
Professional Information
Major Art and Music
Friends and Family
Parents Mr. and Mrs Suction Cups
Grandparents Grandpa and Grandma Suctioncups
Children Squidward J.R. and Squidlily
Spouse(s) Squidward
Pet(s) Snellie
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance Squid's Girlfriend
Voiced by Marion Ross


is Squidward's girlfriend. She is an octopus first seen in the episode: Squidville and sometimes appears as a cameo character. She, like Squidward also lives in an Easter Island Head, but in Tentacle Acres. She likes to play croquet at the park located inside Tentacle Acres. Her name is revealed during the credits.

She has black hair and wears a pink sweater. Her head inflates when she laughs.




  • "Could you keep it down there, Iron Lung? (laughs while her head inflates back and forth)
  • "It's that guy!"
  • (SpongeBob asks her if she is Squidward) "No."
  • Hey! That’s not funny!
  • It’s that guy! He’s playing with a reef blower


  • Playing croquet
  • laughing

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