This is a The SpongeBob Chronicles episode.


Squidward makes a movie and the Bikini Bottom Theater agrees to show it. However, Squidward can bring a friend to the premiere, and he doesn't know who. SpongeBob gladly agrees, and Squidward hopes that the movie isn't ruined. SpongeBob takes Patrick, who begged him to see the movie. However, when they get there, Patrick buys all the popcorn. When he gets back, he doesn't want it and gives it to Squidward. Squidward doesn't want it, and gives it to SpongeBob. SpongeBob eats it, but gets crumbs all over Squidward. Squidward makes a musical movie with his clarinet, which Patrick finds boring. He leaves and goes home to sleep. SpongeBob leaves too, leaving Squidward alone.

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