"Squilliam vs. Squidward!" is the pilot episode for Awkward, Octopus.

Awkward, Octopus: Squilliam vs. Squidward!


Episode No:
October 20, 2011
Main characters appearing:
Squidward, SpongeBob, Patrick, Sandy, Mr. Krabs, Plankton, Gary, Mrs. Puff, Pearl, Karen
Eleven min.
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Minor/recurring characters appearing


Summarized plot

Squidward must beat his high school rival, Squilliam Fancyson, in a competition at Bikini Bottom's Annual Octopus Convention.

Full plot

Squidward appears at a meeting of octopi in Bikini Bottom, The Annual Octopus Convention. At first, the convention seems lame, but when Squidward sees a poster advertising an art contest coming up in a few minutes, he signs up for it. He sings A Contest and thinks it will be fun until he realizes he is competing against Squilliam Fancyson, his high school rival.

Squidward draws a self-portrait, but apparently, Squilliam's drawing is a self-portrait as well. It looks just like Squidward's but with a unibrow. The judges, SpongeBob, Patrick, and Sandy, think Squidward copied off of Squilliam, but Squidward proves he did not when he shows them a video of Squilliam copying him he took using a microcamera lodged in his skull (Mr. Krabs accidentally tripped once with it in his hand, making the camera fly into Squidward's head wrinkles).

Pearl thinks the artwork is horrible and walks off (she didn't have a choice to stay; the creators of the convention forced her to leave as she was not an octopus or a staff member). Squidward walks home with a first place ribbon and sees an advertisement for the Annual Bikini Bottomite Clarinet-Playing Contest (in small print it says "Created by Mrs. Poppy Puff"). He runs off to enter it.