You know Stanley S. SquarePants and SpongeBob SquarePants and the other SpongeBob characters. this is the same but instead of SpongeBob stanley.

Main Characters

  • Stanley SquarePants - the title character of the series. He is an optimistic and friendly sea sponge who destroys whatever he touches and tries to work at the Crushy Crab, attends boating school, and hangs out with his friend Peter, or spends time with Muddy, a squirrel.
  • Peter Star - Stanley's best friend and neighbor, who is a starfish. He is known to not do anything, and usually sits on the chair drinks soda.
  • Squillaim Fancyson - Stanley's neighbor. Stanley and Peter view Squillaim as their friend, but he finds Stanley to be very annoying, and usually dislikes him. He also plays the clarinet (amazingly), and has a deep interest in the arts, believing that the other Bikini Bottom residents are uncultured. In the real SpongeBob series he appears to beat Squidward in everything.
  • Uncle Sherm - Stanley's father who always tries to get rid of him.
  • Euley D. Crabs - She is Squilaim's fan and Stanley drives him crazy, she is a money-obsessed crab who is the owner and founder of the Crushy Crab.
  • Muddy Mouth - A male squirrel from Texas. He is one of Stanley's friends. He is so stupid and doesn't have a brain.
  • Mary the worm - Stanley's pet worm.
  • Shelly K. Planky - Mrs. Crabs' rival who is the owner and founder of the Gum Box. He continually tries to steal the Crushy Burger formula but has never succeeded.

Recurring Characters

  • Mr. Puffer - Stanley's Pufferfish teacher who runs a boating school.
  • Parker Krabs - Mrs. Crabs' teenaged shark son.
  • Seaweed Man - one of Stanley's favorite superheros.
  • Krunshy Boy - Seaweed Man's sidekick.
  • Floating Butchman - a pirate ghost who haunts the residents of Bikini Bottom.
  • Lory the Lobster - a bodybuilder who works as a lifeguard at Goo Lagoon.
  • Squidward Tentacles - Squilliam's high school rival.
  • Queen Neptune - the Queen of the territory that includes Bikini Bottom and the surrounding areas.
  • Fill Filliam - a major figure in Bikini Bottom medical departments.
  • Spanish Narrator - narrators episodes and reads title cards with a heavy Spanish accent.
  • Hatchy the Pirate - a live-action character who hosts SpongeBob Stanley specials and major events.
  • Karry - Planky's computer wife.
  • Party the Parrot - Hatchy the Pirate's pet parrot.
  • Jony - an announcer and news anchorfish.
  • Drawy the Pirate - is a drawing of a pirate head who sings the Stanley SquarePants theme song.
  • Manny overlay - next to the clean Bubble is "the all-time greatest arch nemisis" of Seaweed Man and Krunshy Boy. He is a regular evil villan and was locked up in frozen tarter sauce, as seen in the "Seaweed Man and Krunshy Boy III" episode, in which he also gives up his evil ways because of routine laughing from the tickle belt.


episode episode title director
1 Job wanted Lordmakeup
Uncle Sherm got tiered with Stanley in the house so he made him feel bad about not having a job. So when he passes by hem finds a restaurant called the Crushy Crab so he talks to the owner Mrs. Crab. After getting the job he destroyed every thing and made uncle sherm pay for it.
2 Fun is fun Lordmakeup
Stanley keep annoying Peter because he refused to play with him till he finds out that peter never did anything fun so he tries to teach him fun.
3 How fancy am I? Lordmakeup
When Squilliam goes to the park to sign autographs he finds no body coming to him but some people came to take an autograph from a seasnake called shivo the fanciest man ever, and then he takes all of Squiliam's fans to be his fans so Stanley help Squilliam to be popular again.
4 Boating goat Lordmakeup
Stanley fails boating again but when his friend muddy get a goat from the land she gave it to Stanley but after he got it he got good luck and passed but it shows that the boat automatically drives it self and he had no good luck.
5 My head is blasted Lordmakeup
When Stanley gets shot in the head he didsurgery that made him look so different so he left town.
6 W're done Lordmakeup
Peter and Stanley broke up so muddy tries to make them get back.
7 Noon! Lordmakeup
finally it's noon when Stanley comes home he doesn't find uncle sherm when he runtoPeter but doesn't find him and only finds an icecream and the t.v open and finds squillaim crying on the floor and says he lost his house and money and mudy became smart and his pet worm left him alone.

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