Stanley SquarePants
Gender Male
Age 40
Nationality Unknown
Hometown Bikini Bottom/Unknown
Born January 2, 1981
Created Stephen Hillenburg
Professional Information
Profession "Demolition Officer"
Friends and Family
Parents Uncle Sherm
Siblings Amy SquarePants
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance Stanley S. SquarePants (real series)

The Faired (fan-series)

Voiced by Christopher Guest

Stanley SquarePants is SpongeBob's clutchy cousin. He has the same face, the same SquarePants and the same shoes; but they'll still not a match. Stanley comes from Uncle Sherm's home. He has his own spin-off. He is a character on Plankton's Laboratory, serving as a protagoninst and/or antagonist. It is funny that Stanley and SpongeBob are Square and their parents are Circle.



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