Stanley Star is Patricks brother and Spongeteds best friend. He is very intelligent,skinny,muscular,brown(rather than pink),liked and popular all unlike Patrick. Although the differences,Patrick was the best part of his life until he was 5,when SpongeBob and Patrick got in their teen years and acted like punks and bullied him.Then one day Patrick was babysitting him when SpongeBob invited him over. His big brother who he wanted to act cool around was on spring break from Military School. They were all on spring break,so SpongeBob and his siblings were off just like Patrick and Stanley. Patrick told Stanley to play with SpongeBobs baby sister. Then SpongeBobs 6-year-old brother Spongeted asked to play. Best Friends For Life. He attended Great Barrier Reef High(GBRH) and plays for the GBRH shuffleboarding team. He is also on the GBRH Mathletes and the GBRH band where he plays the saxophone.

Stanley Star
Gender Male
Job Being a Math Genius/"Mathlete"
Age 27
Nationality American
Hometown Bikini Bottom
Born March 3, 1985
Created 2012
Professional Information
Profession Mathematics
Friends and Family
Parents Jeffreait Star

Samanthiana L. Star

Siblings Urekon Star
Pet(s) Vennie (Snail)
Behind the Scenes

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