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This song as the beat to strange things for toy story and is the same music video but different in somewhy. this is a song from a episode called Gender Switch.


I was living my life as a sponge as the ways they should be

but then something happen so strange

now strange things are happen

Strange things are happen

now i am like a squirrel or my best friend Sandy

my friends are living me alone for the first time

danger a bounds now that life is wrong

oh, strange things are happen (x2)

i must do something before it gets out of hand

strange things are happen

oh, strange things

yeah, strange things are happen

My life is strange not to be

i am not the sponge i was

strange things are happen (x2)

danger is now in my hands

strange things are happen

SpongeBob: strange things are happen to me

Oh,strange things

Strange things (x2)

Now my life is in trouble

oh my gosh strange things

my life a bounds of danger

oh,strange things are happen

strange things,strange,strange things.

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