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"My home is far from this place, my home planet is Planet Meta-Knight.But one day, I lost my people to The Evil Saiyans from Dimension 9000,they sent me into outer space to find a team to destroy The Evil Saiyans."
—SuperSaiyanKirby before the intro in the Pilot.[src]

A Saiyan-Kirby named SuperSaiyanKirby, lost on Earth to find a powerful team to survive. Now he has to help them save their planet from becoming a disaster.

Cartoon Heroes

SpongeBob SquarePants

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Season 1)

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Season 2)

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Season 3)

Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers (Season 3 Mini-Series)

Power Rangers Zeo (Season 4)

Power Rangers Turbo (Season 5)

Power Rangers in Space (Season 6)

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy (Season 7)

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue (Season 8)

Power Rangers Time Force (Season 9)

Power Rangers Wild Force (Season 10)

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The Evil Saiyans


Season 1

1. Gathering The Toons, Part 1 October 23, 2009 Written By:SuperSaiyanKirby

SuperSaiyanKirby(voiced by himself) arrives on Earth and meets the Go Ongers,Power Rangers RPM,Gekirangers,The PowerPuff Girls,and Fanboy and Chum Chum.

Introduced:SuperSaiyanKirby,Go-Ongers(Not Go-On Wings yet.),RPM,Gekirangers,Blossom,Bubbles,Buttercup,Fanboy,Chum Chum, Anti-SuperSaiyanKirby

2. Gathering The Toons, Part 2 October 23, 2009 Written By:SuperSaiyanKirby

SuperSaiyanKirby fights Snow Monster with the team and with the Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive and Boukengers.

Introduced:King Unknown,Queen GONEINAFLASH!,Operation Overdrive,Boukengers

3. Fans Of Leader! October 24, 2009 Written By:SuperSaiyanKirby

Fanboy and Chum Chum (Voiced by David Hornsby and Nika Futterman) becomes a fan of SuperSaiyanKirby.

Introduced:Boog,Dr. K

4. Jackson Trouble October 31, 2009 Written By:SuperSaiyanKirby

Micheal Jackson's ghost comes to haunt the team, so it's up to Sherlock Sponge and Patson to put his spirit at rest!

Introduced:SpongeBob,Patrick,Jack,Sky,Bridge,Z,Sydney,Doggie,Sherlock Sponge,Patson

5. Xelvar November 6, 2009 Written By:SuperSaiyanKirby

A monster named Perantasauras wants to destroy the heroes, and Captain Magma unfreezes Zordon's long lost son who is 14 years old from 100,000 years ago named Xelvar must beat Perantsauras!

Introduced:Xelvar,Perantasauras,Zordon (Mentioned)

6. Story To Live Happily Ever After November 7, 2009 Written By:SuperSaiyanKirby

A monster named Prince Un-Happy turns the team and villains into Storytime characters, but do to AkaRed's fantasy-like costume, he is the main role to stop Prince Un-Happy.

Introduced:Squidward,BOMPER, Kakeru Shishi, Gaku Washio, Kai Samezu, Soutarou Ushigome, Sae Taiga

7. Father Revealed November 9, 2009 Written By:SuperSaiyanKirby

Zordon(voiced by David Fielding) is revealed to be at Island BOOMGADOOM, and they'll be able to save him from Dark Specter.

Introduced:Zordon,Dark Specter

8. Beach Tanning November 10, 2009 Written By:SuperSaiyanKirby

Our heroes take a day-off at The Beach, but when Sandy builds a machine to turn people into fish and fish to breath on land, a Ell,a Shark, and a Octopus tries and tries to ruin the beach.

Introduced:Sandy, Larry, Lifeguard