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Tales of Dawn is a spin-off series, set thirteen years after The Esa Chronicles. The main protagonist is Dawn, a young goddess who finds out she is the daughter of Triton, the now fallen king of Atlantis. With her friend Leon and her Atlantean family by her side, her story has only begun.

Tales of Dawn


Season 1 Summary Title Card
A New Tail Dawn's normal life changed when she discovered her ability to change her legs into a tail, leading her to discover about her mother's relationship with a prince from Atlantis.
The Journey Onward Dawn decided that the only way to get answers about her father is to ask him herself, heading on her way with the company of Leon, a sea snake she met, to Atlantis.
Wrecked When Dawn and Leon get caught in a storm, they end up in Bikini Bottom. There, a certain sponge seemed to recognize the young redhead.
Hot Heads When Neptune discovered about his unknown granddaughter, he tries to keep his son from finding about her existence, not wanting to be reminded of her mother and her actions.
Reunion Dawn finally manages to meet her father Triton. However, she desperately tries to keep herself hidden from his current wife Savantia, not wanting to end up facing her rage.
Season 2 Summary Title Card
Family Unbonding After meeting Savantia and settling in, Dawn is nervous of what her half-sister, Pallas, might think of her. Meanwhile, Savantia feels guilty from how she treated Esa in the past.
Beware of Mother Esa finds out about her daughter's whereabouts and regains her memories, going out to find her. However, it may mean facing against the husband she divorced and Savantia. It may end up very ugly... or at least very awkward.
Broken Connections Part 1 Dawn and Esa have a major falling out after the former discovers the latter trying to force Triton into leaving Savantia, as she was unable to move on from the divorce before her memory was removed. This may lead to dire consequences and one of the toughest choices Dawn has to ever make.
Broken Connections Part 2 When chaos breaks loose after Esa's plan was discovered, Dawn decides to run (or rather swim) away from the pain, taking Leon with her. However, she may have unintentionally had someone follow her: Pallas, having been worried for her. What more can Dawn take?
Untold Secrets Savantia is hiding something,for even she fears the wrath of Esa; she (Savantia) is currently pregnant with twins.As the months pass,the secret becomes harder to hide, and someone is bound to find out about it.
Loss of Mind Everything that happened (regaining her memory, Dawn choosing to stay with her father, Triton's refusal to leave his wife, and discovering Savantia's pregnancy) drives Esa mad, causing a certain goddess of chaos to make a deal with her, one that may threaten Atlantis and Savantia's family. Unfortunately for Savantia, she is in the middle of giving birth.
The Struggle After her mother was imprisoned for her actions, Dawn ends up living with her new family, including the newborn twins. However, she deeply misses her biological mother, regretting every wrong thing she did to her. How long before someone steps up and helps the young goddess with her struggles?
Season 3 Summary Title Card
Stranger Danger Panic ensues when it is discovered that Esa had been set free from her prison by someone. Dawn, Pallas, and Leon investigate, which leads to them finding an angel-turned-merman who has unhealthy intentions for Savantia.
Two to None To the family's horror, the twins have been kidnapped by Sariel. Their older sisters set out to find them when all hope seemed lost, hoping to bring both home safe.
Focus Off Dawn tries to learn from Savantia how to use her powers for defense against the new threat to her family, but stress from previous incidents keeps her from focusing.
Nightmare Fuel After Sariel and Esa create a serum that causes unrelenting nightmares to even gods, they end up accidentally using it on Pallas in the middle of an argument on who in the family to use it on. Until someone whips up a cure, Pallas' nightmares will endure, especially with what dark powers it will give her.
Trouble Doubling Anasterian and Anastasia begin to show tremendous powers despite being a few weeks old, and taking care of them is going to be twice as interesting for the family.
Shockwave Backfire After Sariel and Esa's latest attempt to have the royal couple separated, Savantia has had enough and decides to use her storm powers to get rid of them. However, it backfires and instead severely injures Dawn. Will she ever forgive Savantia? Will Savantia forgive herself?
The Great Escape Extremely bored with her stay at the hospital while she is still healing up, Dawn tries to leave it, but the doctors seem to catch her each time. However, she meets someone during her schemes.
Season 4 Summary Title Card
Darkness Calls Dawn discovers through Savantia's mother Pyriel that the merman she met at the hospital is an escapee from his realm... and that he is Savantia and Sariel's son.
Son of Savantia Dawn and Pallas decide to go out to look for Khepu, trying to figure out his true reasons for coming to Atlantis.
Khepu Rising Khepu reveals the reason why he has entered Dawn's realm, but there is something wrong with Savantia. She has a stomach virus, so her children work together to help her.
Father Troubles When Khepu discovers about his father and Esa's whereabouts, he goes out to find their hideout to confront his father, Dawn following him.
A Few Pointers Dawn is given a special trident by Neptune on her birthday. Sariel, finding out that it contains more power than it should, decides to steal it.
Which Road to Take Part 1 Esa begins to question if her feelings have shifted from Triton to Sariel as time keeps going on, leading Savantia to have an idea that could eliminate the two antagonists peacefully. But what consequences will come when she puts it in action?
Which Road to Take Part 2 Weeks have passed since Savantia set her plan in motion, and the family begins to notice Esa and Sariel's lack of activity against the family. However, when Dawn and her companions set out to find out exactly why the two have suddenly ceased to harass them, they are in for a surprise.
Season 5 Summary Title Card
Busted Months after Esa is impregnated, Dawn vows to protect her, Sariel, and her unborn child from Khepu and Triton. However, she learns that the father-to-be may not be as loyal as he seems.
Father Be Gone Dawn learns that Triton is plotting for a way to end Sariel and, angered by the angel's lack of loyalty, offers to help. How long before she goes back on that choice?
Bundle of Monstrosity Esa finally gives birth to a baby girl named Lana, who appears seemingly normal despite having small fangs at birth. However, everyone better not upset the child.
Mother's Needs Dawn tries to figure out a solution to help her mother and Lana out with a place to stay AND keep Khepu away from them.
The Rich and the Psycho Our redheaded protagonist discovers that Sariel managed to survive from their last encounter and is in hiding, having made a new girlfriend.
Misery Within Esa finally learns the truth about Sariel, resulting in heartbreak as she conceals herself from the others. Unfortunately, that leaves watching Lana to the family.
Genderbend A spell gone wrong by Pallas results in Dawn being changed into a merman. Now she, or rather he, must find a way to change back while in the middle of a crisis with Sariel.
All Hope Lost Sariel takes Savantia hostage and his forces his girlfriend to help him do something to Savantia that will test her loyalty to her husband and her sanity.
Queen's Starfield Savantia has been found outside of Sariel's hideout with Dawn's trident shoved through her torso, unconscious but very much alive.
Season 6 Summary Title Card
It Shall Die Savantia has been trying to find different ways to kill the angelic 'beast' that has been trying to tear its way out of her womb for eight months now, but it's too late.
Beast of a Child The royal family tries to adjust to the new baby, whose cuteness is enough to sway everyone. Well, until her aggression takes over.
Nomad on the Run Dawn discovers that Sariel is after a young merman named Alec who has a special power that could aid the antagonist in his quest.
Know the Cook Alec becomes a cook for the royal family, Dawn learning much more about him as the son of a sea nymph. How long will it take before someone notices their blooming friendship?
Babysitters of the Day Khepu and Leon are forced to watch over Pallas, Anastasia, Anasterian, Lana, and Triteia while the rest of the family help with an emergency mission. Sounds simple, right? Not really.
Special Delivery Dawn is tasked with delivering a letter to Pyriel's realm. However, a few complications lead to her being stuck in the realm with Savantia's mother longer than she intended.
For Them or Him? Dawn has always been a protector for the family. However, Sariel is willing to do anything to make her as an obstacle step down, and Alec may be the key for just that.
Rise Up With Dawn's trident in his possession, Sariel begins his great reign of terror on Atlantis while holding the redheaded protagonist hostage. However, a certain royal cook is willing to save her.
Season 7 Summary Tittle Card
Je'taime Savantia and Esa are caught doing something less than appropriate. How long until Triton finds out, and what will he do to Esa for it?
Oh, Brother! To Alec's shock and embarrassment, his three sisters Oceana, River, and Cordelia come to visit him.
No Time Like the Present Dawn accidentally travels to the past on the fateful day Esa was to choose to stay with the mortals, where one simple action the redhead makes will change her mother's mind and the present. Will Dawn be able to change it back?
Speak Up or Fight Esa, having had enough of Triton's verbal abuse towards her, stands up to him, but it only ends up causing an intense fight between the two, one that may end up severely hurting one of them.
Floating Away After Triton ends up hospitalized, he starts feeling an inner rage, worse than ever before. Lost in his mind on whether to give in to said rage, he disappears from the hospital, Dawn going out to look for him.
Do You Remember? Triton's rage comes to a head, and this causes him to make a mistake not even time itself can erase. Meanwhile, Savantia has proposed to Esa, who accepts joyously, which is the root of the madness that fills Triton's head.
You Found Me A paranoid Dawn, with her friend Alec, looks for Triton in the chasm he fell in, wondering if he even survived from his lost battle with Savantia. This will result in a shocking discovery and the toughest task that Dawn will ever commit in her life.
Can't Hear the Bells Esa and Savantia's wedding day approaches, the couple never more happy. Dawn tries to look forward to the occasion, but her father never fails to leave her mind.
Season 8 Summary Title Card
Day of Love Savantia and Esa's wedding is perfect and just as they imagined it would be.That is, until Khepu, in a drunken stupor, falls over and gets a sneak peek under Esa's dress that makes him wonder if he should call Esa a queen, or something else.
Night of Lust The wedding is over, Khepu's butt is sore, and the two queens want to give each other a gift, consisting of Esa showing her pretty little lover the very thing that sparked an uproar at the wedding and a whole lot of wine. Meanwhile, Dawn decides to visit Triton in the dead of night.
Fate in the Stars Neptune, feeling that a king needs to run Atlantis, brings in Avery, Triton's younger brother. Unfortunately, Avery prefers to keep studying astronomy over becoming a ruler in place of Triton, and it does not help when he finds out what happened to his brother and former idol.
Fix the Bond Avery begs Dawn for him to see Triton, but Dawn does not want him to see what the fallen king has been reduced to. However, it only provokes the younger brother of Triton to make a mistake... and possibly repeat history.
If I Could Take It Back After Triton's escape, Avery faces resentment from the family for what he has done, feeling that it is best he returns to studying about stars. Things only get worse when a certain angel is freed from Pyriel's realm by the fallen king.
Taking Back Atlantis Part 1 Avery, Khepu, Leon, and Pallas are forced to team up when both Sariel and Triton launched an attack on Atlantis, kidnapping Dawn, the two queens, and Alec.
Taking Back Atlantis Part 2 When their plan fails, Khepu blames Avery for everything that happened, which leads to the prince to leave the group. The remaining three try to venture in their home and take it back, but they have no idea who they are up against.
Awaken Within Triton and Sariel escape as the kingdom is restored. Avery is choosing to leave his family, still feeling left out after everything. Meanwhile, Dawn has her awakening, a stage in a mergod's life where their powers go stronger.
Season 9 Summary Title Card
The First Born Dawn finds a mermaid named Elune, who turns out to be more than just a beauty with horns living in a crystal-filled cave.
Caved In Elune tries to adjust to her new home after the cave has been demolished by smugglers with the help of Dawn and Pallas.
Mother and... Mother? Khepu finds out who Elune's parents really are, leading to her mistreatment by him.
Broken Strings Dawn discovers that Avery found a long-forgotten possession of Triton: an acoustic guitar, along with a few pictures from his past.
Personality Crisis Due to a side effect that Pallas placed on Triton in Taking Back Atlantis Part 2, the fallen king's personality shifts at random times; either he is filled with sadistic rage, or he is back to how he was before said rage took over.
Shattered When Dawn and Pallas find a doorway to an underground vault in the palace, they discover something that Neptune had hidden for so many years, involving an old enemy Triton faced.
Captured Soul Triton discovers about Iko's soul residing in the bottom of the palace, going out of his way to capture it. However, a loyal follower of Iko will take advantage of the situation and rescue her master.
Terror's Revival Elina, a demigoddess born of Hecate and a merman, uses her magic to construct Iko's body with lava rock, his return threatening the safety of Atlantis. It is going to take a lot of effort from Dawn and her family to not repeat what happened so many years ago.
Season 10 Summary Title Card
How the Years Pass Thirty or so years have passed since Iko and Elina's defeat; Dawn is now a grown woman, the captain of the royal guards, and most of all, a mom to two children sired by the now immortal Alec, named Aryan and Lira.
Imperfect Union Aryan and Lira discover a dragon-like girl by the name of Otohime, whose origins are quite shocking. It does not help when Achilles, son of Esa and Savantia, discovers about this.
Aid of an Angel Triton, having gone years without winning his wife back, finally turns to Pyriel for assistance. Unfortunately for Savantia and Esa, it may threaten their marriage.
Remarry the Rage Triton remarries Savantia, their union unbreakable due to Pyriel's doing. Esa is forced to move away with Lana, Triteia is taken away by Sariel, and Dawn is worried for her family's safety.
Say Goodbye Dawn and Alec, knowing their children will suffer the longer they stay in Atlantis, plans for Avery and Elina, his fiance, to take Aryan and Lira away from their home.
New Home Avery and Elina take Dawn's children to the observatory, keeping them safe while Aryan secretly begins to train himself to fight.
A Promising Threat Dawn discovers that Pyriel is planning to strip her of her immortality and kill her before she could threaten the remarriage of her father and stepmother. This leads to her husband having a plan that will save her... and risk his life.
Survivor's Guilt Dawn escapes Atlantis armed with her trident, leaving behind her husband, and currently has his healing ability to keep herself safe. Knowing she cannot risk returning to her children, she becomes a nomad, filled with guilt.
Season 11 Summary Title Card
Where Were You? Aryan learns of his father's death, wrecked with grief and anger. As he grew into a young man, he is approached by someone who offered to help avenge his father.
Mother Knows With the aid of Alexine, Aryan finds Dawn, now living in a village and using her healing abilities.
Angel's Fall Part 1 Aryan, armed with Dawn's trident, heads for Atlantis, ready to take revenge on the angel who killed his father.
Angel's Fall Part 2 Aryan ends up imprisoned, but Alexstrasza, who had followed him, gathers the help of a few fellow friends and family to aid him in his time of need.
Time of Mending The kingdom has been restored, Pyriel has been killed, and Triton and Sariel have fled once again. However, Savantia and her children find it difficult to move on from the past tyranny of Triton.
Long Live the Queen Pallas, who had been killed in the past before Triton took over, has been revived, regaining her place as queen.
Unleash Chaos Triton and Sariel take over Pyriel's realm, as there is no one else to watch over it. It does not take long for problems to ensue.
The End Draws Near His rage getting the best of him, Triton finally unleashes what might be his final attack on Atlantis. Lives may end, and this may be the final tale for Dawn to tell.


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