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Temmie Central
Owned by PolarKey
Picture format 480i (SDTV)
720p (HDTV)
Country United Kingdom
Language English
"i work for fox kids but temmie central is temmie central"

Temmie Central is a 24-hour children's TV network owned by PI. It solely airs cartoons, hence its beta name, Cartoon Central. The network prides itself on being one of the only channels on the wiki (the others also being owned by PI) that lets its viewers watch all its shows for free on most forms of electronic devices, as long as you have a TV license.

Its main competitors are Fox Kids, Luis TV and Jasbre TV, though Temmie Central has stated that they want a civil relationship with all. Despite this, a 'war' between Fox Kids and Temmie Central occurred during 2017.


It was created by PolarKey after SpongeBob n' Stuff needed a network to air on. After that, it expanded to air more shows, have bumpers, a YouTube channel, etc.

During 2017, a 'war' between Fox Kids and Temmie Central occurred, though this has been described more as 'play-fighting' and all issues have since been resolved. The war was due to Fox Kids announcing similar things to what Temmie Central already had and Temmie Central making a commercial parodying the 'Sega vs. Nintendo war' (with Fox Kids representing Nintendo).

From May 7th to May 11th 2018, the channel was taken off air, though returned of the 12th re-branded, along with all other channels owned by Polar Inc..


Current Programming

Second Channel

Temmie Central's second channel, Temmie Town, was launched in February 2017 and airs shows that are no longer made or aren't in high demand. Unlike Temmie Central, it isn't a 24-hour network. On September 23rd 2017, the network began airing a block dedicated to classic shows and spin-offs that have ended.


Pre-School Network

Main article: Tem Jr.

On August 29th 2017, a pre-school spin-off-network launched. The network was initially planned to be a programming block but it was quickly realised that its target audience could either potentially not be awake at the scheduled time of the block or not understand what happened when the block ended earlier than most pre-school programming blocks to make room for the other shows.

Programming Blocks

Superior Saturdays

Superior Saturdays is a block that lasts all day every Saturday. The whole schedule that day is voted on by fans the previous week on the Temmie Central app. Viewers can play games on the app when the block is shown and, if they get the high score, their nickname could get featured on the network.

The block was originally known as 'Super Saturdays' but was changed to avoid confusion with the 'Super Saturdays' branding used by ITV.

Movie Night

A movie is shown every Friday, starting at 5:00 PM.

Night Hours


'Temmie Central's Night Hours' was a block that aired from 10:00 PM to 2:00 AM and showed shows not suitable for younger audiences. During this time, the channel was 'locked' and required a password to access. Before the block started, a one minute warning shows before lock-down and viewers were reminded they can still watch their shows on Temmie Central's On Demand service on the TV, a computer or on the Temmie Central app for free as long as they have a TV licence. The mascot of the block was Penisman, a character created on the 'luis_yt's Crib' Discord and Golfpecks256's nickname.

The block was discontinued when Temmie Central went off air from May 7th to May 11th, but all of the block's shows returned on a new 24/7 channel, known as STV3.



A Temmie Central application is available for all tablets, the Wii U, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 and PS4. The app allows people to view watch the network's shows for free, providing you have a TV license, and vote for the shows you want to see on the Superior Saturdays block.

Exclusive to the tablet versions, you can purchase free-to-download and pay-to-play 'mini-games' themed around Temmie Central. These include the SpongeBob n' Stuff Meme Creator and SpongeBob's Greatest Adventures' Bubble Pop.

DVD Compilations

Temmie Central has a range of DVDs compiling of different episodes from different shows aired on the network, similar to other networks such as Jetix. These are:


Temmie Central - Intro

Temmie Central - Intro

Temmie Central - Late Night Filler

Temmie Central - Late Night Filler

Temmie Central Bumpers (1)

Temmie Central Bumpers (1)

Temmie Central Bumpers (2)

Temmie Central Bumpers (2)

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