Tentle Acres is a fan spin-off created by SPONGIUS . The show will air in June, part of Tentacle Heritage Month. The show is distrubeted by Travel Entertainment. Anyone can write this! This has a wiki! here .

Season 1

The Long Road

Squilliam returns, however, he finds the road much longer........

Not Just for Squids Anymore

Sponges, starfish and other things are let in Tentle Acres now., but Krabs aren't allowed so Mr. Krabs fights for his rights.

Singing Competion

Squidward, SpongeBob and Squilliam enter a singing competion but SpongeBob wins.......

Remember the ILJSA?

Squidward reluctantly forms the IJLSA again when Squilliam turns evil.

Square Roots 2

Squidward enters a contest for squares only, where only SpongeBob can enter. But then an evil sponge named Absord tries to sabotage the competion.


Squidward, SpongeBob, Patrick, Sandy and Mr. Krabs find The Tentacle Resort.

Remember the ILJSA 2??

Again, Squidward must form the IJLSA again, But this time Absord broke out of jail.

The Camping Episode 2

Squidward camps out again, but Squilliam taunts.

Bad Art

Squidwards art attacks them.

Tentacle Acres

Squidward does a remake of Green Acres.

Lost in Ow!

Squidward gets lost, while Squilliam gets hurt.

A Squirrel Forgets!!!???

Sandy forgets about karate!

A Squirrel Forgets!!!??? Part 2: A Sponge Forgets!!!???

Sppongebob forgets karate.

Tentacles of Terror

Squidward goes crazy on Halloween! (Sequel to Crazy Fred)\

Remember E.V.I.L.?!

Absorb joins EVIL (Every Villian Is Lemons). (sequel to Remember the ILJSA?.

Squids don't play clarinets!

Squidward struggles with the clarinet.


The gang gets Sponged Together.

The Real ILJSA Adventures

The real IJLSA comes. The tittle is a parody of IJLSA Adventures.


The gang sees the terror of TBA. Note: "TBA" is the real name of the episode.

SpongeBob ShapePants

SpongeBob is tired of square pants, so he gets different ones at Tentacle Shop. (sequel to To SquarePants or not to SquarePants).

Interactive Annoyance (special)

SpongeBob buys a video game, and it annoys Squidward. So, Squidward tries to destroy it, but making him go in it.......

Season 2

The Fanon Wiki

Squidward goes on to the fanon wiki as Squidious. However, his works become a canidate for deletion so he gives Wiki, Inc. was coming to them. However, he dosen't have a good time time, so he's taken off forever.

E.V.I.L Sponges

Absorb tricks SpongeBob into thinking IJLSA is Evil! Now that E.V.I.L are stationed in Tentacle Acres, IJLSA have to stop them!

Season 2: The Winter

Winter drops upon Tentacle Acres.


Squidward can't find any more culture in Tentacle Acres.


Squidward and others think about leaving, but instead they stay.


SpongeBob accidentally lets a jewel rober steal all of Squidward's possessions.

== Workers ==

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SPONGIUS:Writer, Creator, Storyboard Director (Season 1 - present)

Irockz: Writer and Director of the Evil SpongeBob crossover series, including the episode "E.V.I.L Sponges"