TheBiggestEdFan's Crazy SpongeBob DVD Bash! is a DVD with all the episodes written by TheBiggestEdFan, followed by his personal favorites.

Disc 1 (Seasons 8 & 9)

  • Tom and Jerry: War of Whisker
  • What Patrick Does at Nighttime
  • Screams
  • Ed, Edd, Eddy n SpongeBob
  • The Krusty Chum Bucket
  • The Patrick Patty
  • DogPants
  • SpongeBob Meets the Bathtub
  • Two Jobs in One Sponge
  • Boating Test #40
  • Hall Monitor 2
  • Gary's Baby
  • Plankton! The Musical
  • Sponge Vs. Squirrel
  • The Clock is Ticking
  • The Stupid Duo
  • Clarinet Succses
  • Battle of the Squids
  • The Broom
  • SpongeBob and The New Computer
  • Planks a Ton!

Disc 2 (Seasons 10, 12 & 13)

  • Exercise Place of Death
  • Finsey World
  • Suds 2
  • Chicka Chicka Sponge!
  • World's Spongiest Record
  • One Hundreth Episode Spectacular!
  • Krashed Krab
  • The Curse On a Sponge
  • Patties Galore
  • Squid's Guide
  • My Name's Not Rick
  • Tree in the Water
  • Inkheart
  • Clone Crazy
  • Anchovies Away
  • Sponge Trip
  • Krab's Konfess
  • Tennis Squidward
  • Evil Bug on the Loose
  • Boo!

Disc 3 (Seasons 13 & 14)

  • Krusty Kostumes
  • A Montage of Many Halloweens
  • The Boxer Jellyfish
  • Unwrapped
  • Jellyfish Jam Again
  • Valentine's Day 2

Disc 4 (TBA)

Disc 5 (Personal Favorites)

  • Season 1: Jellyfish Jam, Ripped Pants, Bubblestand, Karate Choppers, Hooky, Fools in April
  • Season 2: No Free Rides, Bubble Buddy, Dying For Pie, Big Pink Loser, Something Smells, Christmas Who?, Procrastionation, I'm With Stupid
  • Season 3: The Algae's Always Greener, Idiot Box, Krusty Krab Training Video, Just One Bite (Uncut), The Camping Episode, Pranks A Lot
  • Season 4: Have You Seen This Snail?, Patrick SmartPants, Dunces and Dragons, Ghost Host, Chimps Ahoy!, Bummer Vacation, The Thing, Wigstruck, Squid Wood
  • Season 5: Good Ole Whathisname, Spy Buddies, Night Light, Friend or Foe (K.O Old Man Jenkins! Now!), Stanley S. SquarePants
  • Season 6: Slide Whistle Stooges, The Card, Dear Vikings, Toy Store of Doom, Gone, The Splinter, Cephalopod Lodge, Shuffleboarding, Choir Boys
  • Season 7: The Inside Job, The Curse of Bikini Bottom, Shell Shocked, Growth Spout, Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful, TBA, TBA, TBA
  • Season 8: Two By Four, The Krabbytantic, Ghosts R' Us!, The Ring, Shadow, Spotlight Sponge
  • Season 9: Hooky 2, Secret Hill of Jungle, Pirates of Bikini Bottom, No More Overbooked, Eat Meat, Singing Pat, Mermaid Man vs. Barnacle Boy, Housemates
  • Season 10: The Nicktoons Battle, BobSponge, The Return of BobSponge, BobSponge's Revenge, A Starfish of Doom, WhoPat WhatSatr?
  • Season 11: The Ghost of the Krusty Krab, Journey to Land, Band Geeks 2, Punishment, SpongeBob the Great, Pat-astrophe (Amazing title card!)
  • Season 12: Tooth Greedy, Capured Soap, Head Distress, A Pearl Worth 1,000 Bucks, One Man Banned, The Dome of Horror, A Documentry: Eugene Krabs
  • Season 13: Gender Switch, Curse of the Snails, Choclate With Bombs!, Bashed on a Bash, Attack of the Living Krabby Patties, Sand Diggin'
  • Season 14: Sick Squid, Help Wanted 2, House Fancy 2, TBA, TBA, TBA, TBA, TBA
  • Season 15: Ripped Pants 2, Homeless Sandy, TBA, TBA, TBA, TBA, TBA, TBA
  • Season 16: 6teenBob 6teenPants, Generation Fourth, Hold Hands, Eliminateds, Monster SpongeBob
  • Season 17: MusicleBob DancePants, TBA, TBA, TBA, TBA

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