This is the page for the movie of the fan-fic series "Sponged Together". It is called "The 'Sponged Together' Movie: The Movie!!"


Plankton is busy making an invention, and once it is completed, it is activated, but somethings wrong. Plankton had programmed the machine *The Super Generic Awesome Machine*, incorrectly, so instead of doing whatever it was supposed to be doing, it starts to destroy Bikini Bottom!!!! The housemates all chase after the machine, so Plankton can get inside it and fix it, however, it always escapes their grasp. Pretty soon, the worst of it comes. The machine was built so that it was capable of going on the surface, and, well, it does just that!!!! So then, the housemates must return to the house so Sandy can give them the capability of breathing on the surface. Soon, all the housemates are on the surface and must quickly find the machine. However, can they face all the distractions of the surface world? For example: Patrick finds surface Ice-Cream, Karen fins a Mac Store, Plankton fins a scientist lab, as well as Sandy, SpongeBob fins a place that sells butterfly nets, Ms. Puff finds surface cars, Mr. Krabs finds fast food resturants, and Larry finds workout studios. Pretty soon though, they get back on track. They finally stop the machine, and return to the house, and everything goes back to normal.

Cast & Other Information

All the original cast members from "Sponged Together" are here, and the original writers. An interesting thing is, all the scenes that were shot on land, the backgrounds & such are live action, with the characters animated over it. The animation is done in the way the show was originally done, traditional animation, because it had enough funding to do so.

Non-"Sponged Together" Character Apperances

Some characters who were not in the original "Sponged Together" series appear.

Squidward - Squidward is briefly seen at "The Krusty Krab" when the housemates duck for cover there.

Gary The Snail - Gary is briefly seen being captured by the machine, and SpongeBob saves him.

DVD Release

Since this movie is a straight to DVD movie, its released on December 2, 2017.