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The All New SpongeBob Movies is a new spin-off about SpongeBob marrying Sandy!
2nd spin-off


SpongeBob's show gets cancelled so he gets a new one! in the new one he becomes a cop and marries Sandy plus this new show is filled with guest stars and humour!

Theme Song

Choir: He's the Roasted

He's the Toasted

Everyone Loves SpongeBob! (Cough,Cough Classic Couch,Couch)

Squidward: I don't!

Choir: Everyone loves SpongeBob!

Sign ups

  • You!:

Episode Ideas

  • Sandy gets caught - Sandy cheats on SpongeBob, leaving SpongeBob thinking about getting a divorce!


The show was canceled after Da King lost interest in making it.


Season One

Episode 1 Spongebob hearts Sandy SpongeBob Marries Sandy when Spongebob ask Nickeldon for a 2nd chance.
Episode 2 Police Time! The Krusty Krab shuts done when Mr. Krabs dies so SpongeBob becomes a cop!
Episode 3 BubbleTube Sandy shows SpongeBob bubble tube and so he starts uploading videos but he becomes addicted so a therapist(Voiced by Weird Al) comes.
Episode 4 Patrick to the future. Patrick is mistaken for a boy and go's though time to stop SpongeBob's death.
Episode 5 Gambling with Death When finding out Squidward is a gambling geniuses, SpongeBob tries to get him to settle a score with the gambling bosses.


Muscle Buts Patrick becomes a builder when he needs money to bye a policemen hat.


Spongebob in the Big House SpongeBob gets arrested and need help from a fish voiced by Morgen Freemen to escape in this season fianle!

Season 2

Episode 1 Dark Sponge SpongeBob has been acting strangely,it turns out he's evil!


Five Nights At Bug-Bobs part one. SpongeBob's cafe shuts down so SpongeBob looks for a job and winds up at Bug-bobs cafe night-guard died.
Episode 3 Five Nights At Bug-Bobs part two. SpongeBob runs from Freddy FazStar and checks the cameras so he's not watching.
Episode 4 Hotel SpongeBob SpongeBob friends move in.



The end of Derek A man named Derek plans to murder SpongeBob and become the main character of the show. SpongeBob protects himself from Derek at Bug-Bobs wedding.



Return To Bikni Bottom Part.1

Kenny The Cat moves in with SpongeBob.


Return to Bikini Bottom Part.2 Kenny The Cat buys SpongeBob house so he can build his Time Macine!


  • This show breaks the fourth wall alot
  • Patrick Planet characters appear meaning it's after the movie.
  • Squidward and Plankton are yet to apper in the series, Plankton has only appeared once stealing the recipe in the 2nd episode.
  • The title of the show refences the all new Scooby-Doo movies that aired when Scooby-Doo where are you ended.
  • This show will go into Hiatus because of a new SpongeBob spin-off about this spin-off(Very Shiny!)

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