• Rebecca (as Mitte)
  • Nat
  • Squidward


[The shore of a lake. A man picks away at a block of ice. Two other men come and push it away. On it are Squia and his aides]

Squidward: Eh?! What do you think you're doing?!

Nat: We're sending you adrift, idiot!

Rebecca: Maybe you can go live with the Danish!

Squidward: You'll regret this day, friend!

Rebecca: I'm not your friend, buddih!

Squidward: I'm not your buddih, guy!

Nat: He's not your guy, friend!

Squidward: [loud and drawn out] I'm not your friend, buddih!

Nat & Rebecca: We're not your buddih, guy!

Squidward: [now far away] I'm not your guy, friend!

[End of The Bikini Bottom On Strike!]

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