The Bubble Life shows the life of Bubble Buddy and other bubbles. All the bubbles are created by SpongeBob. The show has alot of viewers because it's intriguing to see

the life SpongeBob's bubbles. However, not everyone was happy to hear it was a spin-off: some thought it was a The Bubble Life (The Soapy Movie).


  • No crossover characters.
  • Run it by me if you want to create fanon bubbles.
  • No body can take over the show unless no episodes have been written in two months (complete months).


Put your username here if you would like a job.

Stephen Burg: Executive Producer, Creator, Director, Head Writter, Producer


Season 1

  1. Pilot (The Bubble Life) Bubble Buddy leaves Bikinni Bottom and fins some "foriegn" bubbles.

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