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The Critic




The episode starts with SpongeBob playing tag with all of his friends. Then Jervis Tech sees a plane, and runs toward it. SpongeBob and his friends follow him. When the plane lands, Patchy comes out with Potty, and so does a mysterious person. Jervis says Hooray! You finally came back! SpongeBob says Oh, he's your dad. Jervis tells them how Patchy owns Above the Waters, a company that airs many shows. Most of them have Jervis's Father in them, but today Jervis gets to join Critic 'Al Va Loiexh, a food critic company. All of his friends get excited, and Jervis goes to his apartment and shows them on the channel Soap Opera Al 'Viexh. Squidward runs toward the TV, and sits down to watch the Soap Opera. When it finishes, an announcer comes up and says Today, Jervis Tech will be joining Critic 'Al Va Loiexh. He says his first test will be, The Krusty Krab. Jervis and his friends go to the Krusty Krab. On the way there, Patchy tells them information about the 2 shows and Above the Waters. When they finally get there, many people are waiting for them, even Plankton! Mr. Krabs gives Jervis a Krabby Patty. Jervis takes a bite out of it. He says Delicious!. Everybody cheers! The episode then ends.

Trivia and Goofs

  • Everybody loved the episode. It was very popular.
  • The episode was watched by 1 million on its first run
  • This was the first time that Patchy and Potty actually appear in the show.

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