The Exam!


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Squidward, SpongeBob, Patrick, Sandy, Mr. Krabs, Plankton, Gary, Mrs. Puff, Pearl, Karen
Eleven min.
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"The Exam!" is the twenty-second episode of Awkward, Octopus.

Minor/recurring characters


Summarized plot

Squidward, mad at SpongeBob for accidentally breaking his clarinet, sneaks into SpongeBob's school and makes Mrs. Puff think SpongeBob's test paper is 100%...wrong!


SpongeBob is walking to boating school when Squidward's clarinet falls out of Squidward's window. It falls on the ground and SpongeBob steps on it, cracking its mouthpiece. Squidward sees what SpongeBob did and yells at him. Scared, SpongeBob runs to boating school.

At boating school, SpongeBob completes a test and gets all of the answers right. Squidward sneaks in and writes SpongeBob's name on a new, unexperienced student's paper. He then erases SpongeBob's name on his test and puts "Billy", the name of the other student.

Squidward quietly escapes the school and laughs evilly. He soon realizes what he did was wrong as SpongeBob didn't mean to break his clarinet mouthpiece. He sings What I Did Was Wrong. He then marches into the school and tells Mrs. Puff that SpongeBob's real test is the one with the name "Billy" on it.

Squidward explains what happened. Mrs. Puff understands. Squidward, who expects SpongeBob to begin crying as he was hearing the whole thing, looks at SpongeBob. SpongeBob's not crying-he's laughing with joy. He is happy Squidward told Mrs. Puff what happened. Everyone joins SpongeBob in laughing.

Non-Fanon Information

  • The episode was originally scheduled to precede a cancelled idea entitled What to Do When You're Scared! The episode idea was never recorded, yet the title was included in the "Next Ep" box of this episode's information template on November 16, 2011. See here for the original version of this article with the cancelled following episode.