The Complete 2nd Season
Release Date November 11, 2013
Season 9
Running Time  ????
Rating 10
Audio English, Spanish, French, Russian, Deutsch
Subtitles English, Spanish, French, Russian, Deutsch


Disc 1

Cover art from Wi-Fi Krabs

  • 1a. Wi-Fi Krabs
  • 1b. Silent Shudders
  • 2a. Battle of the Squids
  • 2b. The Broom
  • 3a. SpongeBob & The New Computer
  • 3b. Planks A Ton
  • 4a. Secret Hill of Jungle
  • 4b. Plankton's School
  • 5a. Sandy's Diary
  • 5b. Squid's Protest
  • 6-7-8-9. FutureBob

Disc 2

Cover art from Patriot Games

  • 10a. Patriot Games
  • 10b. No More Overload
  • 11a. Eat Meat
  • 11b. Mum, There's A Sponge On My Internet
  • 12a. Bonjour, Je Suis SpongeBob
  • 12b. I Am The Buck
  • 13a. Singing Pat
  • 13b. Mermaid Man vs. Barnacle Boy
  • 14a. The Increase of Bikini Bottom
  • 14b. Housemates

Disc 3

Cover art from Mushroom in UnderWater

  • 15a. Mushroom in UnderWater
  • 15b. SpongeBob FC
  • 16a. I Don't Like Krabby Patties
  • 16b. SpongeBob's Brother
  • 17a. Gone in the Wild
  • 17b. Trapped in the Future
  • 18. Squidface

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