The Fanfiction Episodes: The Complete 6th Season is a dvd that has all season 6.


Disc 1

Cover art from Krabs Konfess

  • 1-2. Spongology Part 1: The Big Beginning
  • 3. Anchovies Away
  • 4a. Keep Your Eye On The Ball
  • 4b. Krabs Konfess
  • 4c. Gender Switch
  • 5a. SPD Punks
  • 5b. Tennis Squidward
  • 6-7. Spongology Part 2: The Exciting Middle Part
  • 8a. Evil Bug on the Loose
  • 8b. Boo!

Disc 2

Cover art from Sand Diggin'

  • 9a. SPD vs. MEGA Science Team
  • 9b. Krabs Kostumes
  • 10a. Attack of the Living Krabby Patties
  • 10b. Sand Diggin'
  • 11-12. Bashed on a Birthday
  • 13a. Chocolate with Bombs!
  • 13b. SpongeMan & PatBoy
  • Movie. Spongology Part 3: The Final Ending (Special Feature)

Disc 3

Cover art from Here Pat

  • 15a. The Boxer Jellyfish
  • 15b. Curse of the Snails
  • 16. Werewolf SpongeBob
  • 17a. Cheap No More
  • 17b. SpongeBob Slept Here
  • 18. The Sponginator Part 1: The New Plan
  • 19a. Here Pat
  • 19b. Viking King Insults
  • 20. E.T. Pants
  • 21a. Sponge-Circus
  • 21b. Gary Goes To School

Disc 4

Cover art from The Easter Episode

  • 22a. Plankton's Recipe
  • 22b. Mmm... Chocolate
  • 23a. Double Trouble
  • 23b. Barnacles!
  • 24. The Sponginator Part 2: The Machine of Doom
  • 25. The Easter Episode
  • 26a. The Day of the Sponge
  • 26b. Gary's Nightmare
  • 27. Caught up in the Weather
  • 28. The Sponginator Part 3: The Beginning of the End

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