The Fanfiction Episodes: The Complete 7th Season is a DVD that has all of the season 7 Fanfiction Episodes.


Disc 1

Cover art from The Secret Chum Bucket Formula

  • 1a. Sick Squid
  • 1b. The Secret Chum Bucket Formula
  • 2a. The Curse on Sandy Cheeks
  • 2b. Anchovies Assault
  • 3. Patrick SuperStar
  • 4a. The Return of the Strangler
  • 4b. Sandy & the Broken Treedome
  • 5a. A Sponge, A Robot, & A Flat Blob Thing
  • 5b. Chum Bucket Starfish
  • 6a. Squid's Dance Contest
  • 6b. Starfish Family Reunion

Disc 2

Cover art from Krabby Cheapskate

  • 7a. Weenies of Bikini Bottom
  • 7b. Trapped With Two Idiots
  • 8. Krabby Cheapskate
  • 9a. SpongeBob Meets the Avatar
  • 9b. The Gift of Gum 2
  • 10. Sponge Potter & The Spongy Stone
  • 11a. Fanboy, Chum Chum, & SpongeBob
  • 11b. Squilliam Banned

Disc 3

Cover art from Old Man Jenkin's Boating School

  • 12a. Sunny Fun on an Island
  • 12b. House Fancy 2
  • 13. Sponge. Camera, Action!
  • 14. Parallel Panic!
  • 15a. Krab's Got A Brand New Bag
  • 15b. Old Man Jenkin's Boating School
  • 16-17. Bob Esponja Y Patricio Fantastic Viaje A España
  • 18a. Squidward Saves the Day
  • 18b. Good Ol' SpongeBob
  • 19a. Nice Doin' Business
  • 19b. Banned April Fools

Disc 4

Cover art from Pac Man

  • 20a. Wizards & Sponges of Waverly Place
  • 20b. Patrick's Mail Mix-Up
  • 21-22. Battle for Bikini Bottom
  • 23a. Pac Man
  • 23b. Spider Sponge
  • 24a. Voyage Into The Sewers
  • 24b. Patrick's Diet
  • 25. Gary Talks!

Disc 5

Cover art from Lost At Sea

  • 26a. Plankton Go Under
  • 26b. Knock-Out Sponge
  • 27a. Krusty Krab Supreme
  • 27b. The Rise & Fall of Squidward Tentacles
  • 28-29. Lost at Sea
  • 30a. The Fairly OddPants
  • 30b. SpongeBob SmartPants
  • 31. SpongeBob's New Year Special
  • 32a. Broke Krabs
  • 32b. For The 1000th Time
  • 33a. SpongeBot SquareProcessor
  • 33b. Tattle Tale

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