The Fanfiction Episodes: The Complete 8th Season is a DVD that has all of season 8.


Disc 1

Cover art from The Boombox Funeral

  • 1. Cousin Plankton
  • 2a. Monster Krabby Patty
  • 2b. The Boombox Funeral
  • 3. The Great Krabby Patty Robbery!
  • 4a. Pearl's Clothes
  • 4b. New Glasses
  • 5. Neptune's Challenge
  • 6a. Stop!
  • 6b. SpongeBob Gamer Pants

Disc 2

Cover art from The Return of Steve

  • 7a. They Remind Me of Home-Brazil
  • 7b. The Return of Steve
  • 8a. Wooly Bully
  • 8b. Gary's Boating Buddy
  • 9. Party squid
  • 10a. Smelly Burp
  • 10b. Dance to My Feet
  • 10c. Thanksgiving Pants
  • 11a. Bad Guy Hotel
  • 11b. Snail Food
  • 12a. The Stupid Toy
  • 12b. Inner Actions

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