The Funny Sponge Collection is a DVD that includes SpongeBob SquarePants,Welcome to Sea Paradise!,SpongeBob Rider Decade,SpongeBob Rider Dragon Knight, and SpongeBob Rangers Ninja Storm.A promo was shown during The Deep Sea Danger Zone.

The Funny Sponge Collection.
Release Date August 12, 2010
Season N/A
Writers SuperSaiyanKirby

Stephen Hillenburg Spongeman537

Directors SuperSaiyanKirby
Audio HD Fullscreen
Subtitles Yes.


Disc 1:SpongeBob SquarePants

Band Geeks

Chocolate With Nuts

Neptune's Party

Disc 2:SpongeBob Rider Decade

Rider War


Disc 3:SpongeBob Rider Dragon Knight


Disc 4:Welcome To Sea Paradise!


Fill IN!

Science Patrick

Disc 5:SpongeBob Rangers Ninja Storm

Prelude to a Storm

There's No 'I' In Team

Beauty and the Beach

Looming Thunder

Thunder Strangers,Part 1

Thunder Strangers,Part 2

Thunder Strangers,Part 3

Nowhere To Grow

Return Of Thunder,Part 1

Return Of Thunder,Part 2

Return Of Thunder,Part 3

Return Of Thunder,Part 4

Boxing Bopp-a-Roo

Pork Chopped

The Samurai's Journey,Part 1

The Samurai's Journey,Part 2

The Samurai's Journey,Part 3

Scent Of A Ranger

I Love Plankton

Good Will Krabs

All About Beevil

Sensei Switcheroo

Tongue and Cheeks

Brothers In Arms

SpongeBob's Karma,Part 1

SpongeBob's Karma,Part 2

Shimazu Returns,Part 1

Shimazu Returns,Part 2

Snip It,Snip It Good

The Wild Wipeout

Double Edged Squidward

Eye Of The Storm

General Deciption,Part 1

General Deciption,Part 2

A Gem of a Day

Down and Dirty

Storm Before The Calm,Part 1

Storm Before The Calm,Part 2

Disc 6:The New Adventures Of SpongeBob SquarePants