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The Interdial Zone is an anthology spin-off of SpongeBob that focuses on bizarre things happaning to the people of Rock Bottom.

Rated PG - Parental Guidance Suggested

This article is rated PG, meaning it contains content that may be inappropriate for users the age of 7 and under.

Season 1

Notice: Episode titles were not presented on screen, but instead were usually announced by Stephen Hillenburg at the end of the preceding week's episode. "Where is Everybody?" is an exception, being the first episode. Hillenburg's promotional announcements were stripped from syndicated versions of season one, but restored (often only in audio form) on the Image Entertainment DVD releases.

Episode # Title Director Writer(s) Original AirDate Production Code
1 "Where Is Everybody?" Derek Drymon Stephen Hillenburg Friday, October 2, 1959 173-3601
Patrick finds himself wandering in an abandoned town while struggling to find the answers about his identity and where he is.
2 "One for the Angels" Paul Tibbit Stephen Hillenburg Friday, October 9, 1959 173-3608
A pitchman makes a deal with Death to continue living until he makes one great sale.
3 "Mr. Denton on Doomsday" Allen Reisner Rod Serling Friday, October 16, 1959 173-3609
A washed-up chumslinger is given another chance by a mystery fish.
4 "The Sixteen-Millimeter Shrine" Derek Drymon Stephen Hillenburg Friday, October 23, 1959 173-3610
An aging film star lives a life of seclusion in her private screening room.
5 "Walking Distance" C.H. Greenblat Stephen Hillenburg Friday, October 30, 1959 173-3605
While visiting his boyhood hometown, a middle-aged executive finds himself in the past.
6 "Escape Clause" Paul Tibbit Stephen Hillenburg Friday, November 6, 1959 173-3603
A mean-spirited, abusive hypochondriac sells his soul to the Devil in exchange for immortality.
7 "The Lonely" Derek Drymon Stephen Hillenburg Friday, November 13, 1959 173-3602
An inmate sentenced to solitary confinement on a desert planet is given a gift by a sympathetic supply-ship captain.
8 "Time Enough at Last" Paul Tibbit Teleplay: Stephen Hillenburg

Short Story: Lynn Venable

Friday, November 20, 1959 173-3614
Squidward, who loves privacy, survives a nuclear explosion.
9 "Perchance to Dream" Mr. Lawerence Paul Tibbit Friday, November 27, 1959 173-3616
A fish with a heart condition is afraid to fall asleep.
10 "Judgment Night" John Brahm Stephen Hillenburg Friday, December 4, 1959 173-3604
A fish aboard a fog-bound ship during World War II has an unshakable sense of foreboding, doom, and déjà vu.
11 "And When the Sky Was Opened" Mr. Lawerence Teleplay: Stephen Hillenburg

Short Story: Richard Matheson

Friday, December 11, 1959 173-3611
The crew of an experimental spaceship (including Rod Taylor and Jim Hutton) begin disappearing one by one after returning to Earth.
12 "What You Need" Alvin Ganzer Teleplay: Rod Serling

Short Story: Lewis Padgett

Friday, December 25, 1959 173-3622
A salesman has the ability to sell his customers exactly what they need.
13 "The Four of Us Are Dying" John Brahm Teleplay: Rod Serling

Short Story: George Clayton Johnson

Friday, January 1, 1960 173-3618
Arch Hammer is a con man who can change his face to make it look like anyone he chooses.
14 "Third from the Sun" Richard L. Bare Teleplay: Rod Serling

Short Story: Richard Matheson

Friday, January 8, 1960 173-3615
With a nuclear war about to happen, two men, led by Fritz Weaver, steal a spacecraft to take their families to a new planet.
15 "I Shot an Arrow into the Air" Stuart Rosenberg Teleplay: Rod Serling

Story: Madelon Champion

Friday, January 15, 1960 173-3626
A manned space flight crash lands on what the astronauts believe to be an unknown asteroid.
16 "The Hitch-Hiker" Alvin Ganzer Teleplay: Rod Serling

Radio Play: Lucille Fletcher

Friday, January 22, 1960 173-3612
A mysterious hitchhiker keeps appearing on the road as a woman drives across the country.
17 "The Fever" Robert Florey Rod Serling Friday, January 29, 1960 173-3627
While on a vacation his wife won to Las Vegas, a man who shuns gambling becomes addicted to playing a slot machine.
18 "The Last Flight" William Claxton Richard Matheson Friday, February 5, 1960 173-3607
A British World War I fighter pilot lands his Nieuport biplane on a 1959 American airbase after flying through a strange cloud.
19 "The Purple Testament" Richard L. Bare Rod Serling Friday, February 12, 1960 173-3619
A lieutenant serving in World War II suddenly gains the mysterious ability to discover who is about to die via a strange flash of light across their face.
20 "Elegy" Douglas Heyes Charles Beaumont Friday, February 19, 1960 173-3625
Running out of fuel, astronauts Meyers, Webber, and Kirby land their spaceship on a remote asteroid and find that it is already occupied.
21 "Mirror Image" John Brahm Rod Serling Friday, February 26, 1960 173-3623
Suzy Nancy Fish waiting in a bus station begins to experience strange things.
22 "The Monsters Are Due on Conch Street" Ronald Winston Rod Serling Friday, March 4, 1960 173-3620
At the sound of the roar and the flash of light, neighbors whose contact with the outside world is mysteriously cut off begin to suspect each other of being aliens.
23 "A World of Difference" Ted Post Richard Matheson Friday, March 11, 1960 173-3624
A businessman suddenly finds his life is just a role in a movie.
24 "Long Live Walter Jameson" Tony Leader Charles Beaumont Friday, March 18, 1960 173-3621
Walter Jameson , a professor, has the gift of eternal youth.
25 "People Are Alike All Over" Mitchell Leisen Teleplay: Rod Serling

Short Story: Paul W. Fairman

Friday, March 25, 1960 173-3613
On a mission to Mars, an astronaut finds out that people are alike all over.
26 "Execution" David Orrick McDearmon Teleplay: Rod Serling

Short Story: George Clayton Johnson

Friday, April 1, 1960 173-3628
A criminal about to be executed is brought to the future.
27 "The Big Tall Wish" Ron Winston Rod Serling Friday, April 8, 1960 173-3630
A washed-up boxer has his fate reversed by a child's wish.
28 "A Nice Place to Visit" John Brahm Stephen Hillengurg Friday, April 15, 1960 173-3632
A criminal who is killed in a shootout with the police believes he has made it to Heaven.
29 "Nightmare as a Child" Alvin Ganzer Stephen Hillenburg Friday, April 29, 1960 173-3635
Schoolteacher Helen Foley finds a strange and very serious little girl, named Markie (Terry Burnham), on the stairs outside her apartment.
30 A Stop at Wiloughby C.H. Greenblat Stephen Hillenburg Friday, May 6, 1960 173-3629
An advertising executive who has grown exasperated with the stress of the business life longs to get off a train at a stop called Willoughby.
31 "The Chaser" Mr. Lawerence Teleplay: Robert Presnell, Jr.

Short Story: John Collier

Friday, May 13, 1960 173-3636
A fish uses a love potion to win a girl's heart.
32 "A Passage for Trumpet" Don Medford Rod Serling Friday, May 20, 1960 173-3633
A down-on-his-luck trumpet player gets a second chance at life.
33 "Mr. Bevis" William Asher Rod Serling Friday, June 3, 1960 173-3631
A man's guardian angel tries to improve his life.
34 "The After Hours" Mr. Lawerence Stephen Hillenburg Friday, June 10, 1960 173-3637
Marsha White is browsing for a gift for her mother in a department store. After falling asleep and being locked inside, she finds out that she's not the person she thinks she is.
35 "The Mighty Casey" Robert Parrish

Alvin Ganzer

Stephen Hillenburg Friday, June 17, 1960 173-3617
The coach of a broken-down baseball team allows a robot named Casey to play on his team.
36 "A World of His Own" Ralph Nelson Richard Matheson Friday, July 1, 1960 173-3634
A playwright has the power to create whatever he describes on his recording machine.

Opening Lines

SpongeBob: You are about to enter a place. A place that is not of sight and sound, but darkness, oh and rocks. A journey of imagi-nation.(a rainbow appears at the bottom of the screen)Next stop, The Interidal Zone.


  • Alot of the episodes were traditionally animated due to Nickelodeon cutting the budget. The President of Nickelodeon hated the concept of the show.
  • The Intertidal Zone was the name of a comic book that became SpongeBob.
  • There is an all day marathon on the SciFi Channel every Fourth of July and New Year's Eve, stopping for half an hour at 2:00 AM to show pro wrestling, then continues.
  • Some episodes are TV-PG or TV-14, depending on the subject matter, violence or scariness.

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