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This article is rated Y7, meaning it is appropriate for all ages even 1 year olds.

The Life of Gary the Snail
Created by FrenchSpongeBob77777
Original run Pilot: May 13, 2017

Official Run: October 23, 2017-present

Spin-off status Active
Writer(s) FrenchSpongeBob77777 Somematchyguy19


Plot creators FrenchSpongeBob77777 Somematchyguy19
Supervising producer(s) FrenchSpongeBob77777

The Life of Gary is a French/British spin-off created by FrenchSpongeBob77777 about what Gary the Snail gets up to in his spare time, this show is rated TV-Y7 and broadcasts on both Temmie Central and French Temmie Central, the show has recently started airing on Solar Central.

Episode Guide

Season Episodes Premiere date Finale date
1 26 Pilot: May 13, 2017

Official: October 23, 2017

November 30, 2018
2 26 December 31, 2018 August 31, 2020
3 26 February 1, 2020 TBA

Season 1 (2017-2018)

# Title Card Title Description Airdate
Pilot Gary has had enough of SpongeBob's crazy antics, so he teaches him to be a little less annoying. May 13, 2017
Housewarming SpongeBob is at his 15th annual family reunion, so Gary invites all his snail friends and has a Housewarming party, without SpongeBob's permission. October 23, 2017
Gary Gets the Flu It's Flu Season, and Gary needs his flu shot, but he doesn't want to take it because of the pointy needle that he will be jabbed with. October 23, 2017
First Time at the Beach SpongeBob realises that Gary has never been to Goo Lagoon, so he decides to take Gary with him, and Patrick tags along with them. October 24, 2017
The Lemonade Stand Gary creates a lemonade stand outside of the Pineapple, apparently, it becomes popular like the Pretty Patty stand, and it runs the Krusty Krab out of business, Mr. Krabs orders it to be shut. October 24, 2017
Gary's Special Carpet For being a good snail when SpongeBob gave him a bath, SpongeBob takes Gary to the store to get something, he picks out a rug that has the same materials in a sweater, but Gary soon gets a rash because of the itchiness in sweater carpets. October 25, 2017
Gary and Larry Gary meets up with Larry and they do some sports together, making Gary into a muscle snail. October 25, 2017
Gary on the Air Gary calls Bikini Bottom Public Access and starts a TV show called "Snail Life", which focuses on the life of snails. October 26, 2017
Snellie Returns Gary stumbles upon Snellie at the snail park, Snellie asks Gary if he would like to come to the underground snail restaurant, and he accepts. October 26, 2017
SpongeBob's Quirky Behaviour (Pilot re-run) Gary has had enough of SpongeBob's crazy antics, so he teaches him to be a little less annoying. October 27, 2017
Gary's Toothache Gary was bouncing around SpongeBob's living room when he accidentally crashes into the wall and a tooth came loose, he now doesn't want to take it out. October 27, 2017
Halloween in a Nut-Shell Gary thinks Halloween is for babies because of all of the fake scary decorations, but SpongeBob shows him that Halloween is not just for kids. October 31, 2017
Sponge's Best Friend When SpongeBob doesn't come home one day, Gary gets skeptical. It turns out that SpongeBob is being held hostage by Plankton because he didn't tell him the formula. December 4, 2017
Puffy Fluffy Returns There's a knock on the door one day, and to Gary's surprise, it's Puffy Fluffy. SpongeBob, obviously still clueless about him, decides to bring him in and keep him again. Gary and Puffy Fluffy have an intense fight while SpongeBob is at work. December 4, 2017
The Package A package from an unknown sender comes in the mail. Gary wonder what's inside, so he tries to open it. It turns out this package was super glued shut. December 11, 2017
Neglectful Sponge When SpongeBob becomes addicted to a new video game he got in the mail, he starts to neglect Gary. Gary now has to get him to stop playing and start feeding him. December 11, 2017
Snow Day Gary plays out in the snow on a cold day, but he gets his tongue stuck on a pole, he gets covered in snow after a multitude of time, and he has to get his tongue off the pole manually. December 18, 2017
Time Out Gary breaks the bathtub because he never likes taking baths, so SpongeBob gives him a time out for 3 weeks, but Gary doesn't mind. December 18, 2017
Gary's Christmas After Santa Claus' sleigh crashes into a snow drift, it's up to Gary to deliver all of the presents before Christmas Morning. December 25, 2017
Gary's Country Gary sets up the republic of snails and disowns SpongeBob, only to go back to him later, after he ran out of snail-po to feed the nation. January 15, 2018
Tired Snail Because of a side effect of some medicine Gary was on, he becomes too tired to move and SpongeBob has to drag him around all day, much to the annoyance of Gary, who's trying to catch some shuteye. January 16, 2018
The Nerdsitter When SpongeBob goes on a company picnic, Sandy is in charge of Gary. She uses him for many science experiments. He doubts he will survive. January 17, 2018
Dragged to the Mall SpongeBob has to go to the mall to buy a present for Sandy's birthday, but he has to take Gary along with him. January 18, 2018
Gary and the Hooks The fish hooks are back and Gary stumbles upon them, he is terrified stiff and tries to get away from them as far as possible. January 19, 2018
Snail-Napped Gary gets kidnapped in the middle of the night and SpongeBob has to find him. January 26, 2018
The Postcard Snellie, who is on holiday in the tropical seas, writes a postcard to Gary, telling him she misses him very much. February 16, 2018
Gary's Invitation The postman lends Gary an invitation, saying to come to the "Snail Gallery", Gary is thrilled by this and gets his "fancy" on. February 16, 2018
Gary's Home Video Gary creates a funny home video to watch when he's older, but first, SpongeBob must see it to make sure it's appropriate. March 2, 2018
The Hospital Appointment SpongeBob goes to the hospital because he broke his leg, and Gary has to come. March 2, 2018
Disobedient Gary is sick of SpongeBob's ludicrous rules, so he decides to stay at Squidward's until SpongeBob gets rid of the rules. March 16, 2018
Treats Ahoy! The addictive Snail Bites return to pet stores. Gary begs SpongeBob to buy them, but he doesn't want chaos again. March 16, 2018
April Fools, SpongeBob Gary doesn't want to be pranked by SpongeBob again, so he tries to prank him instead. Gary ends up in snail prison when SpongeBob gets third degree burns. April 1, 2018
Mollusk Vegas Gary sneaks out of the pineapple to visit Mollusk Vegas, the best place for mollusks to have fun. June 15, 2018
The New Gadget When SpongeBob gets a new TV, Gary wants to play with it. June 15, 2018
The Makeover SpongeBob wants to redo his house interior, and Gary tries to convince him otherwise. June 22, 2018
Sponge Life Gary wonders what SpongeBob does while he's gone. June 22, 2018
Gary in the Middle SpongeBob gets two new pet snails, one older than Gary, one younger. July 1, 2018
The New Toy Gary gets a new toy and loses it. He destroys SpongeBob's house while looking. July 15, 2018
Patrick's Pet Patrick brings his pet over and him and Gary become great friends. SpongeBob thinks the opposite of this and often tries to tear them apart. July 15, 2018
Patty Mania When SpongeBob feeds Gary a Krabby Patty, he becomes addicted to them. September 14, 2018
Just Bad Luck Gary accidentally breaks a mirror in his house, so he has 7 years of bad luck. Can he get rid of it somehow? September 14, 2018
Gary and Potty Patchy and Potty visit Bikini Bottom, and Potty becomes friends with Gary. Neither SpongeBob and Patchy are happy about this. September 21, 2018
Bored Game SpongeBob and Gary are bored, so they play a spicy game of Eels and Escalators. September 21, 2018
Dumb Snail Patrick tries to teach Gary his dumb ways. September 28, 2018
A Typical Day It's a normal day at the pineapple... or is it? Where is the TV? The paintings? The bathroom? What happened? September 28, 2018
Gareward SpongeBob brings Gary to the Krusty Krab. He takes over Squidward's cashier job. November 23, 2018
It's the Suds SpongeBob has to stay home from work one day when he gets the suds. Gary now has to take care of him. SpongeBob is pickier than Gary thought, however. November 23, 2018
iClam A new phone is in the stores called the "iClam", so Gary buys one, little does he know, there are problems with this phone, where it overheats. November 30, 2018
Why the Slime? Gary wonders why Snails produce slime when they move along. November 30, 2018

Season 2 (2018-2020)

# Title Card Title Description Airdate
A Snaily New Year It's New Year's Eve and SpongeBob and Gary get all prepared, they are also getting ready for the episode to finish, so it can be a good start to Season 2. December 31, 2018
Gary's Native Tongue Gary discovers Google Translate and learns many languages, but when he meets some foreign fish that have come to Bikini Bottom for their holiday, he's nervous on what to say to them, he becomes a nervous wreck and suddenly forgets everything he learned. January 7, 2019
Pretend Tensions Gary plays a game of pretend because he is bored one day, he builds lots of things out of cardboard and asks SpongeBob if he wants to join in, but he has to go to work, so Gary makes some imaginary friends. January 7, 2019
Gary's Backstory Gary tells us his backstory (subtitled of course) and tries to make it tragic, even though it's the exact opposite of tragic. January 14, 2019
I Don't Get It? SpongeBob tells Gary a joke that he doesn't get. He tries to figure out the joke. January 21, 2019
The Slideshow Gary creates a presentation to make "Tangy Krabby Patties", but they turn out to be a complete failure to the whole of Bikini Bottom. January 21, 2019
Snail-Po Sensation Mr. Krabs now sells the snail food that all snails love at the Krusty Krab, Snail-Po! They love it so much, Mr. Krabs is running out of it. January 28, 2019
Decisions, Decisions! Gary has to make up his mind whether he wants to go to the Snail Park or Goo Lagoon. January 28, 2019
In the Dark Gary wakes up to find that it's still dark outside, at 10:00am! He later realises it's just daylight savings time. March 8, 2019
Cooking with Gary Gary goes to the Krusty Krab to help SpongeBob with cooking the patties. March 8, 2019
A Rock and a Hard Shell Gary's shell breaks, so him and SpongeBob go to Angry Jack's Snail Emporium, and the cheapest shell there that they can afford is a rock-hard shell, which protects snails from any matter of damage. March 15, 2019
Autistic Snail At the Snail Park, Gary meets an autistic snail, who does some very different things that Gary wants to try, they also befriend each other along the way, until the day is done. March 15, 2019
Snailing School When SpongeBob lets Gary drive him to work, he gets pulled over. Gary now has to go to Boating School. March 22, 2019
Not Music to My Ears Squidward tries to teach Gary how to play clarinet as part of his "Music for Mollusks" program. March 22, 2019
E.V.I.L When SpongeBob is not home, Plankton tries to get Gary to join the evil side. May 3, 2019
Staying Up Gary secretly stays up past his bedtime. But SpongeBob is secretly watching him. May 3, 2019
Lights, Camera, Arrgh! SpongeBob, Patrick and Mr, Krabs make a pirate movie, and Gary plays as the captain. May 10, 2019
The Art Duel Gary and Squidward have a competition to see who can paint the best painting they can, and the prize is the classic prize: the winner takes all. May 17, 2019
Looks That Kill Gary goes around Bikini Bottom wearing the most fanciest tuxedo in the store, all the ladies faint in front of him, but Gary thinks he's killing girls with his handsomeness! May 17, 2019
Jail Snail Gary assaults Squidward for the last time and Squidward calls the police, causing Gary to find ways to break out. July 13, 2019
QWERTY Gary learns how to type... from the Internet. July 13, 2019
The Stench SpongeBob smells something bad... but what is it? Gary? His pits? His underwear? July 20, 2019
Gary's Band Gary joins the rock band "Snallo and the Snails." July 20, 2019
40a 1,000,000° Outside It's a million degrees outside, literally. Now how will Gary and SpongeBob stay chilled? August 6, 2019
40b Gary's Malfunction Gary convinces Sandy to make a copy of himself, so Gary can go on his date with Snellie, but the clone is having some hiccups with it's DNA. August 7, 2019
41a Driven Mad Gary passes his driving test, and SpongeBob is absolutely furious. This episode is a continuation of "Snailing School". August 8, 2019
41b Gary the God Gary joins Neptune on his duties to be God of the sea. August 9, 2019
42a Magic is Tragic Gary practises some magic, but it fails miserably. August 10, 2019
42b Chemo Snail Gary learns chemistry, only so he can blow up the bath with a potion. November 19, 2019
43a Christmas at the Pineapple - Part 1 Everyone has left Bikini Bottom to see friends and family, so SpongeBob and Gary stay at the Pineapple. December 24, 2019
43b Christmas at the Pineapple - Part 2 SpongeBob's parents have come to Bikini Bottom so they can see SpongeBob on Christmas Day. December 25, 2019
44a Gary's in the Fishbowl Gary goes up to the surface and goes into a fishbowl, but the problem is, he can't get out. January 6, 2020
44b Classic Computing SpongeBob goes around in his parents' attic and finds an Apple Computer from 1976, and surprisingly, it STILL works after 43 years. January 13, 2020
45a The Krusty Side Gary helps Mr. Krabs protect the Krusty Krab from Plankton. January 20, 2020
45b Foiled Gary and Snellie think of fun things to do with foil. January 27, 2020
46a Everything is Chrome Gary wonders what the world will be like in 50 years. March 28, 2020
46b Abusive Sponge SpongeBob suddenly acts cruel toward Gary one day after work. Gary investigates. March 28, 2020
47a Imaginary Friend Gary finds a fluffy unicorn in a dumpster while dumpster diving. He brings it home, but no one can see it. April 4, 2020
47b Snail Fed Up Gary gets tired of old snail food, so he tries to get SpongeBob to feed him something else. April 4, 2020
48a The Snail Duo Dan and Spike from the evil snail trio show up in Snail Park to get revenge on Gary. April 11, 2020
48b Jealousy Gary gets jealous when SpongeBob plays with Patrick far more than him on Starfish Day. April 11, 2020
49a Gary the Chef Gary gets a Job at a French restaurant, but he later finds out that one of the items on the menu is "Coquilles d'Escargot", and in English it means...SNAIL SHELLS!. June 1, 2020
49b Slip 'N Slime It's winter, and Gary tries not to slip on the icy sidewalks. June 8, 2020
50a Gary's Ransom Gary has arranged a date for him and Snellie, but Gary's not allowed to leave the house at night, so he pranks SpongeBob with a ransom note saying he's been captured by a deranged wierdo, so Gary can have his date with Snellie, little does he know that SpongeBob called the police. June 15, 2020
50b Gary's Egg Gary finds an egg and takes care of it, until it hatches. June 22, 2020
51a Double Trouble Sandy invents a cloning machine for Gary so the clone can stay at home and Gary can go to the Snail Park, but the clone causes havoc for SpongeBob. June 29, 2020
51b Tourist Trapped Gary meets a tourist in Bikini Bottom, Gary tries to greet him, but the tourist is highly allergic to snail slime. July 6, 2020
52a Bark, Bark! SpongeBob shows less love to Gary, so he tries to become a worm. August 31, 2020
52b Ah, Memories Gary looks back at some moments in his early snailhood. August 31, 2020

Season 3 (2021-TBA)

# Title Card Title Description Airdate
53a We Now Return to Our Feature Presentation It's Season 3, so everyone tries to come up with good ideas for the show. February 1, 2021
53b Backflips Gary tries to do back-flips so he can compete in the Bikini Bottom Back-flip Competition. February 2, 2021
53c Welcome to the Doll House SpongeBob gets Gary a doll house, and Gary is big enough to fit in it. February 2, 2021
54a Gary's Gratitude SpongeBob teaches Gary to have an attitude of gratitude. February 3, 2021
54b Rough and Tough Gary gets rough against everyone because he is having a bad day, causing him to get put in solitary confinement at the animal shelter. February 4, 2021
55a Hygiene Gone Haywire Gary gets out of control when he covers everything in toothpaste, because he likes the smell of mint. February 5, 2021
55b Gary's New Color Bored of his same old color, Gary decides to paint himself, but he doesn't know what color to paint himself. February 12, 2021
55c The Coupon Gary gets a coupon from the bakery, and waits for the right time to spend it on a donut. February 12, 2021
56a Gary's Hair Gary buys a wig from the store and lies to SpongeBob, saying it's real. February 26, 2021
56b Gary by the Radiator Gary tries to stay warm in the coldest month of the year, February. February 26, 2021
57a Sugar Hype Gary downs a whole bag of sugar, and can't stop being hyper!. April 2, 2021
57b Thrown Away Gary wrecks the house when SpongeBob is at the Barg'n'Mart, and after what SpongeBob discovered, Gary gets kicked out the pineapple, and has to live under a bus stop, so he tries to find a way for SpongeBob to forgive him. April 2, 2021

French Title Cards

Season 1

Season 2



  • The whole show uses the Ed Interlock font.
  • The pilot episode of the show was later re-aired as a regular episode on TV on November 13, 2017, the re-aired episode is called "SpongeBob's Quirky Behaviour", except this version is 11 minutes long and has more scenes.
  • Episode 2 airs on Somematchyguy19’s birthday.
  • The only times that the Ed font is not used, is in the logo, as they used "SpongeBoy Me Bob" for "THE LIFE", they used "TikiIsland" for "OF" and in the alternate French title card for "Cooking with Gary", they used "Flubber".
  • This show first premiered in France from September 4-8, 2017 for the first 10 episodes, the pilot episode was released in France on August 1, 2016, this was to promote the upcoming spin-off the following year.
  • There was not one "c" episode in the show until segment 53 in season 3.


The Life of Gary the snail title Cards (Pilot - Gary's Toothache)00:00

The Life of Gary the snail title Cards (Pilot - Gary's Toothache)

Title Cards

The Life of Gary the Snail, Halloween in a Nut-Shell, Title Card00:18

The Life of Gary the Snail, Halloween in a Nut-Shell, Title Card

Sponge's Best Friend Puffy Fluffy Returns Temmie Central Promo (for PolarKey)00:39

Sponge's Best Friend Puffy Fluffy Returns Temmie Central Promo (for PolarKey)

The Life of Gary the Snail, A Typical Day, Polish Rating00:18

The Life of Gary the Snail, A Typical Day, Polish Rating

Polish rating of A Typical Day

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