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The Naked Bet

The Naked Bet is a fanfiction episode of SpongeBob. In this episode, Sandy bets SpongeBob that she loves wearing her bikini, and bets him that if she does, SpongeBob will have to spend a whole day without any clothes on while Sandy can spend a whole day in Bikini Bottom without her suit on but with her helmet and purple bikini still, SpongeBob thought that's a great deal. He agreed to do it, he did his best to be ignoring the embarrasment. Until a new seal comes to town and finds this routine very amusing.and asks SpongeBob if he can help her prepare the ball drop.



  • SpongeBob's House
  • Sandy's Treedome
  • Goo Lagoon
  • Sizzling Spring Sauna
  • Jellyfish Fields


  • Director: Tom Yasumi
  • Animation Director: Andrew Overtoom
  • Supervising Producer: Paul Tibbitt
  • Storyboard Directors: Casey Alexander, Nate Cash
  • Creative Director: Vincent Waller


  • Tom Kenny as SpongeBob, Narrator, and Gary
  • Carolyn Lawrence as Sandy
  • Rachael Lillis as Misty
  • Christy Carlson Romano as Kim Possible
  • E.G. Daily as Buttercup
  • Sirena Irwin as Nancy Suzy Fish
  • Grey DeLisle as Megan the Seal and Shubie
  • Seth MacFarlane as Tom Tucker
  • Mr. Lawrence as Football Announcer and News Announcer
  • Kat Cressida as Beachgoer
  • Phil LaMarr as Ollie Williams


  • Tom Tucker: Good evening, I'm Tom Tucker for Bikini Bottom News, and tonight, our top story is called "A Seal and Nudist Sponge" (title appears on screen) SpongeBob betted Sandy a few days ago that he would go a day without clothes while Sandy goes around Bikini Bottom with just her swimsuit on, which apparently makes it a good deal so I guess that's legal. Let's go to Ollie Williams for which spots are available for naked sponges. Ollie?
  • Tom Tucker: Thanks, Ollie. In other news, Megan, the new seal in Bikini Bottom has been hired by the mayor to be doing the ball drop on New Year's Eve and wants SpongeBob to supervise her. The New Year's Eve party is set to begin tomorrow on that day. We now return you to Bikini Bottom Football.

APM Music Identification

  • Me and You - SpongeBob waking up
  • Bikini Twist - Sandy explains to SpongeBob that she loves wearing her bikini
  • Naked Love OL - SpongeBob removes his clothes in slow motion.
  • In Slow Motion 1 - SpongeBob happily jumps across Jellyfish Fields in the nude, Sandy and SpongeBob play in the water.
  • Sex on the Beach B - SpongeBob and Sandy on the Beach.
  • Sex on the Net - The beachgoers are amused with Sandy and SpongeBob in the Water
  • Sex in L.A. - Megan comes up a balances a beach ball on her nose
  • Spring Water - SpongeBob takes a shower.
  • Quahog Channel 5 News Theme (composed by Walter Murphy) - Tom Tucker reports on tomorrow's ball drop.
  • Tomfoolery - SpongeBob gets on top of Megan;s back nude.
  • Erotic music from Bob the Builder episode "Magnetic Lofty" - Everyone counts down and Megan throws the ball up in the air in slow motion.



The Naked Bet (transcript)